Friday, August 29


" i can't believe peter james and john just left everything like that. nets and all. it takes a long time to make those nets and keep them in good working condition. life with jesus was so full of uncertainty. when were they coming home? what would they eat? where would they stay?? what were they going to do?? was it safe?" Written on LovelyLinda's blog August 2007
i feel these uncertain times; these earth-shattering calls; one side of me is screaming for chaos to be restored to order; the other side of me is trusting and longing to know him more. As satan tries to tear me away from my savior, I see my savior using circumstances to show his face, his glory, even more. I can't say how his glory will shine, but dear God, I am ready to see your son shine!
any time now, I'm waiting... still waiting... I'll be here, you know where to find me... and still waiting... not feeling safe, want to feel safe... still waiting...

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