Sunday, February 28

More flames

More flames!
Finally decided on flames for my son's winter hat. He is totally in love with this hat now! Each one of four panels has a different cut out of a flame on it.
And to the right of the picture you can see "Junior" who is also adorning a flame on his pajama hat. (the kid {doll} with the blue cap.)

Thursday, February 25

Boy Crafts Over the Years

I need to do some re-posts here for the month of February: Celebrate the Boy.

1. Curtains for my sons room: a bit busy, but he loves them!

2. Play elephants for the animal lover!

3. My nephew likes to sort things but often has to put his piles away, so now he can pick them up and keep them safe and organized the way he likes.

4. Swimming pool bag, dice bag and toy bag.

Monday, February 22

Flames for the boys!

Girls often get cool jeans and pants with decorations. So Should Boys! My next adventure: to add yellow and red glitter. Boys like things that sparkle too!

Finally found the black sweats that were hiding under my sons bed. These flames have been ready to put on for awhile.

BTW: these pants were very well received!

Fabric Book for Boys

There are a lot of good ideas coming out this month, the month of celebrating boys! So far, I love this idea to use old jeans. I have many a scrap of old jeans waiting to be utilized and I can't wait to make a few of these.

I will have to modify because I have too many girls in my life. But I will be making them for the boys first, probably, most likely.

Friday, February 19

Not another Princess

What does a boy do for Halloween when all the costumes are Princesses at the store? A robot, of course! Halloween, 2009. (if anyone knows how to turn this image, let me know!)

And a ghost would be cool too! I made three of these no-sew-fleece costumes for my nieces actually.


I dragged my son to the fabric store with me just so he could get out of the house on a rainy day. He spotted this bug fabric and had to have it. I argued and debated with him about what he wanted me to do with it. We finally settled on a blanket, inspired by one of his baby blankets that was handmade.
And, just because I have a boy, I had to make a bug to match. This is the bug with eyes and pretend wings.

Dolls for Boys

I went looking for a doll for my four year old son and found.... NOTHING! All the dolls out there are made for little girls. Even though I had a couple boy cabbage patch dolls back in the day, in THIS day I could find not a one.

I found this wonderful pattern on BitofWhimsy at and have made several for gifts already! This is her Sleepy Pajama Baby pattern. (making the head round is the hardest part!)

Thursday, February 18

For the Boys

There are not enough sewing ideas for the little boys in our lives. I am so exciting to see what these bloggers come up with. I will start posting my own boy-stuff also. I can't wait to get started!!


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