Friday, June 19

Culture Shock 98

My generation will understand this:

If you leave the house late for work, you can make up time by avoiding certain streets or lights. You know what lane to drive in on the freeway; how to weave through traffic to make up 5 minutes. But please, oh please, don't be 5 minutes late to work for any reason.  Your kid throwing a tantrum? Too bad. Your car won't start in the cold? Too bad. Woke up with a massive headache? Too bad.

If you leave the house late here in southern Mississippi, chances are you are just gonna be late. Since there are only two or three lights anyway, you can't avoid them. If you know the back country roads, you might be able to speed around and make up a little time.  Mostly, people are just glad you made it!

Thursday, June 18

Culture Shock 97

It's not raining against my windshield.

It's bugs dieing. Fireflies are really fun to see smeared in front of the only spot I can see clearly through my window. If you catch one while it's glowing, you get a green fluorescent smudge that glows for awhile. Fun.

Tuesday, June 16

Culture Shock 96

"Mom, can I go outside to play?"

I still hesitate to say yes at times. 

It is so wonderful to say yes! Yes, you can go play while I finish the dishes or make dinner or mop the floor.  You don't have to wait for me to be done. You don't have to wait for me to feel like it.  You can just go! Go run! Go jump! Go explore a bit.  Go catch bugs.

You do have to watch your brother for a bit, though, and I'll meet you out there in a few minutes!

Monday, June 1

Culture Shock 95

We have lived in two different houses here in Mississippi, neither of which have had carpet.

Since there is so much mud and dirt, carpet could actually be a nuisance. Considering that I sweep at least twice a day, depending on our outside adventures, I'm glad to not have mud-stained carpet.

So, I know it's time to sweep when my family members start to do ballet moves to remove the dirt specks from the bottom of their feet!

Imagine, if you will,  running the bottom of your right foot on the inside portion of your left shin. I think it's ballet position number 3, though it's been 30+ years since I took that class!