Wednesday, May 28

Getcha, getcha!!

Nick sat next to me as we ate breakfast together.
After our shower, when I should've been doing my hair, we had an "I'm gonna getcha" fest on his new bed!

Tuesday, May 27

Big Boy Bed

Nicky got a big-boy bed! He's been sleeping on a mattress on the floor.
It's a bit disconcerting to see my once frilly, totally girly bed turned into a boys bed with red cars and blue tow trucks. It makes him seem so much bigger than he was two days ago! He even slept ALL night in the big Captain's Bed, without coming into Mommy and Daddy's room at 3 or 4 in the morning. We hope this will continue. Nick loves climbing into the bed and sliding off and climbing back into bed.
I'll have pictures soon, I keep leaving the camera at work.

Sunday, May 25

At Grammie's House...

Grammie is giving Nicky and Lindsay a bath. It's so nice not to be the one doing it all the time. They are splashing and having fun. The first thing Nick said this morning was, "Where's Whinsay?" They have been running and following each other since lunch time, after church.

How do you moms with two or more keep up with them? I guess they do entertain each other. That's been nice, except for the bit of tattling and whining.

All Nick can ever talk about is camping and his cousins. We are going camping next week if Santa Cruz is still there after all these fires. And he'll spend the week after that with his cousins.

Thursday, May 22

So Much Sadness in this Life...

I had to post this for those that don't know.

Thanks, Dia, for spreading the news. For those of us who have just lost a dear friend and mother, it hits home like no other news.

I have to go give my sweet fussy-butt kisses now as he sleeps. He may never know that Mommy and Daddy kiss him every night after he's asleep, but I always will do it as long as he is in the next room. He may never care that, when I pick him up at Gramma's house after work, I run from my car to the front door because I can't wait another minute to hear his voice or hold him tight.

Tuesday, May 20

I'm Fwee!

It's official. Sylvan Learning has moved to Brentwood, CA, after 6 years. We've closed shop and we're starting to settle in to our new and smaller space. It's a time of change and chaos. We're coping just fine, thanks! (ahhhhh! help me said the little voice in her head.)

Nick's bday was yesterday. We had presents the night before and I brought cupcakes to daycare for Nick to share with his friends. He loves being three! Especially now that he can run and jump on the bed without pain. He can finally hold up the three center fingers instead of the pinky plus two beside. (you know you're trying it out!) Nothing special for the day, just good ol' family time.

He WILL NOT go potty without me asking him first, or dragging him to the bathroom. and #2 is not done for mommy, but only Gramma and Miss Karen. But we'll get there. I just keep reminding myself that he won't be a 15 year old with a backpack and diapers.

Friday, May 16

I just want to spend time with you...

Nick was pretending to be a dog at my feet. He was on all fours, barking, zigzagging back and forth, generally being a nuisance. I told him to leave me alone. I kept tripping over him as I was getting ready for work.

"Nick," Mommy says in an irritated voice, "please leave me alone right now!"

"But," Nick replies in the sweetest, saddest voice ever, "I just want to be with you, Mommy."

Friday, May 9

Electricity, Electricity

Our community is still in shock over the loss of a beloved sister... my thoughts are so sad, it's hard to think of anything else.

Nick is watching "electricity, electricity." (School House Rocks) and now it's onto
"Interjections, followed by an exclamation point, or by a comma when the feeling's not as strong." His favorite is "I'm Just a Bill." I love that he is so interested in reading and music.

Now that he's had his surgery, he's running around and jumping and skipping more than ever! I didn't realize his life was mis
sing those things until I see how free he is NOW! I can bearly keep up, but that is such a wonderful thing!! He is definitely 3! even though his birthday is 2 weeks away. He is not being a good listener with mommy or daddy, though he listens at day care, so that's a good thing. rob and i are constantly stepping on hotwheels and other brands of cars and trains. squeaky dragons, singing dogs, keyboards, whistles: those get sidestepped. books get slipped on. It's a good life, mostly.

Wednesday, May 7

Sadness with Rejoicing

A dear friend of my family's was in a terrible car accident this afternoon and was killed. Her husband was my youth pastor and was the one who brought me to know Jesus Christ. She was a shining light in this world; her smile, her love for Christ was evident in ALL THAT SHE DID. I hope that I can be as she was here on earth.

The smile I see in mind is not one that lit the room, but one that was contagious. It made everyone else light up. That's pretty amazing; like I imagine Jesus to be. When you turned around to see that Lisa had just come into the room, a calmness would fall like a leaf to the ground, touching one person, then swaying back to touch another, than forth to touch yet another; just like Jesus.

With a sad heart I also rejoice, for God chose to call one of his daughters home today. He is not sad to see her, but rejoicing with her so near him...

To BEE...

Nick's been bothering me as I've been trying to read everyone's blogs. I decided to give in and let him sit on my lap. I stopped reading and we had a good ten minute giggle fest! {sigh} It's great to be a mom.

Nick helps me not to take things too seriously. If Rob and I are arguing, Nick says, "Be quiet, Mom." (yes, I usually start it.) Or he tries to get us to laugh by pretending to sneeze, (family joke!). So, I'm glad Nick wanted some attention, even though it irritated me. It made me pause and reflect on my priorities for the day. My mornings should be filled with Nick and chores. As a working mom, I HAVE to take time to enjoy Nick, to simply BEE with him, in the mornings. (I asked Nick what picture he wanted and he said, "The talking bee." So here we are! That was before I even typed anything.) Now we need to get ready for me to go to work, but I just want to stay home and giggle! We'll do more of that when Daddy gets home and I pick Nick up this evening. 'Til then, my Nicky-boo!

Tuesday, May 6

The City

I was reading another's blog and it inspired me... is that how these things work?...

THE CITY. I've felt a calling to live in the city for quite a few years. Having a child did not change that. Until...

I forgot the key to our apartment and was heading back to the truck to wait for Rob to get home. I heard gunshots behind me. Let me tell you: the most hopeless feeling in the world is having your 2 month old tucked in your arms and hearing gunshots. What could i possibly do to protect him from a powerful gun? Bullets could even go through my body and get his. That was 3 years ago. (side note: it turned out to be firecrackers echoing, as i have now experienced REAL gunshots! Way more scary as you watch the car that had the shooter in it zoom away and get the license plate to turn them in!)

I was picking up Rob from work in Oakland, CA, downtown, busy, crazy. People everywhere; Filth everywhere; stench; drugs; pimps; no God right there where I was waiting. God needs to be there; I should have prayed for that. BUT... to live there? to expose MY 3 year old to that filth? it's just unclean. i don't think I'm better than anyone else who God might call to be there, or ask to stay. But my urge to live there right now, gone! Those are not the only reasons: One way streets! i get lost every time i go downtown. Cops everywhere (cranky cops piss me off!), people yelling at you to move your car, honking, go faster, don't hit the pedestrian that just ran out into the street without looking. traffic lights mean nothing. I CAN'T HANDLE THE CHAOS. (see picture above of Oakland, CA, areal shot.)

I've actually been fighting God on this one because I have wanted so badly to move to the city and the opportunity has been passing me by; not coming up for me and my family to do it. I do believe that God calls some people there and had thought HE was calling me, but my heart is drawn else where and I've been fighting HIM on this. (Shame on you, Beth.)

More on that calling later when I actually figure out what God is saying. I was thinking "why does God speak in code?" but then, maybe he doesn't. maybe we hear in code, tainted by the world and church opinion. That's why God left HIS HS (Holy Spirit) to interpret for us; not to interpret God for us, but to clear us of the world so we can hear God better; and to interpret to God what we actually mean by all those prayers. maybe...

Monday, May 5

"What the heck?!"

Gramma, thank you for the bath; thank you for dinner; thank you for... grandpa. (whispered on the wind by my 2 year old.)

I'm not a snuggly person. I get a bit wiggly if you hold on to me too long. I even get a bit squirmish when my 2 year old is too clingy. BUT>>> there is nothing like a morning hug, a morning kiss, a morning whisper of "hi, mommy."

As i've been trying to figure out how to even write this blog, i have said "What the heck" a few times. This statement makes me giggle and my heart skip a beat because it reminds me of my toddler. He has picked up this lovely saying from somewhere/someone. hmm... could it be me?! When i say it, i can hear his little voice raise in frustration and immitation. It makes me laugh and laughing is good!

Saturday, May 3


Sylvan Learning Center of Oakley is now moving to Brentwood! It will be a good move; one to bring more business and convenience. We are excited to start fresh, to look smart, and to help more young ones feel good about learning!

Hernia Surgery

While my son was having surgery for a hernia in his intestines, I was downstairs having breakfast with his 2 gramma's and his Dad. We were laughing and reminiscing about childhood things. It was wonderful to NOT be like the other moms with red, blurry eyes. Daddy went in with him while he got fed "silly-juice" and I stayed in the lobby. Daddy said he asked for me once, but otherwise was giggling!

All went smoothly. The Dr. said she was glad they did surgery and didn't let it heal on it's own since it was worse than she thought. He even woke up well, not happy, but not crying like the other boys in the recovery room.

We were there at 6:45 in the morning and left the hospital by 11:30am the same day.

Now my little boy is back to being a little boy instead of a grumpy-butt all the time!