Saturday, May 3

Hernia Surgery

While my son was having surgery for a hernia in his intestines, I was downstairs having breakfast with his 2 gramma's and his Dad. We were laughing and reminiscing about childhood things. It was wonderful to NOT be like the other moms with red, blurry eyes. Daddy went in with him while he got fed "silly-juice" and I stayed in the lobby. Daddy said he asked for me once, but otherwise was giggling!

All went smoothly. The Dr. said she was glad they did surgery and didn't let it heal on it's own since it was worse than she thought. He even woke up well, not happy, but not crying like the other boys in the recovery room.

We were there at 6:45 in the morning and left the hospital by 11:30am the same day.

Now my little boy is back to being a little boy instead of a grumpy-butt all the time!


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  2. Yay for no more grumpy butt!