Tuesday, August 31


Decided to just post a link to my flickr account. I found this shirt, discarded and sad. I made it into a very cute dress! I actually gave this to the sister of the boy who didn't want the shirt.

I think it turned out super cute! Check it out here. I will definitely be doing this again. Thank you to Dana from http://www.dana-made-it.com for the inspiration and directions!

Wednesday, August 25

Better Days

I have definitely had better days. It is really hard to get up in the morning. I need to work on cover letters, but the 5 year old will not leave me alone. He loves having mommy home with him and playing all day. Although I get short with him, he still comes back for more, (true love!)

I am the one taking the boy out of the house, playing at the park, going to the library, and going swimming. I am the one going shopping and making lunch, doing laundry, making sure we practice our communication cards, (for our marriage seminar's last weekend.)

The hubby is doing some cooking, and he does get up on most mornings to get breakfast ready. I am just wondering how anything ever got done before when I WAS WORKING. Oh wait, nothing did get done!

I do not feel strong enough to be a good mom and to be a good wife and to be a good house cleaner. I do not feel strong enough to get out of bed each morning and try to raise my son to be a good man some day. I do not feel strong enough to go grocery shopping on such a tight budget. I do not feel strong enough to go for a walk to the park in this heat! I do not feel strong enough to open my eyes and start this day, the same day as yesterday, the same day as tomorrow.

In my weakness, Lord, you are strong. Thank goodness for that! Please be my strength. Please motivate my husband to find a job, to take a job, anything at this point, with a joyful heart. Thank you for the health of my family and for the food we do have on the table. Not my will, but yours be done. Amen.

Monday, August 23

Stormtrooper to pay bills?

I am listing this stormtrooper on ebay. Check it out here. Anything for extra cash at this point in the game. Jobless and stressful, we are trying to rely on God. Well, we are only relying on God because there is no money left.

Rent will be paid on the fifth of September and I am hoping that our car insurance can be covered, but after that, other bills are not going to get paid. The frustrating part is that I just got caught up on all of our bills. Nothing has been late for 3 months! And now, it starts again: shuffling water and PG&E around. At the very least: our car is paid off, so that is such a blessing!


I made a new pair of pajama shorts for my son out of an old shirt of my dad's. My son thinks I can make anything now. I wish that were true!

Son and I are actually trying to design a plush monster at the moment. I think we are almost done and will post pictures when it is made.

Thursday, August 19

I'm Hooked

I must post again about this amazing writer who has caught my attention. With the first few words of each post, I'm hooked!

I am recently unemployed and having a difficult time with the emotions of myself and my husband, who has been unemployed for 2 years now. I have one son who does not understand what we are going through as a family right now, BUT...

this was the first post I read from this site and it captured my heart: http://thegypsymama.com/2010/08/when-we-discover-holy-ground-where-we-least-expect-it/

No matter what I am going through, I want to leave a legacy of love with my son.

Yesterday was a bad day. Lots of yelling with emotions spilling out. Not happy, not loving emotions. Then I remember the question: What am I leaving my son? I've tried to make up for it today. Playing at the park, library time, lots of smiles and giggles! But I know the damage has been done and it will take more than one day to clean up the angry words and confusion that my five year old is feeling.

Only one thing can heal the damage that I have done: Jesus.
Lord, may I show my son a glimpse of Jesus today.

Wednesday, August 11


Let's see if i can remember how I got to this blog I'm going to tell you about.

I found it through Made where Dana posts about her amazing sewing and recipes and family.

Dana posted about a giveaway that led me to Jenny whose blog I can't wait to explore.

Looking around Jenny's site led me to a blog that she reads, and that leads ME to Gypsy Mama.

WOW! What a great writer, full of insight and full of the Lord. Amazing! Check her out! So far, this is my favorite post.

Monday, August 9

First Week of being Unemployed

Life is stressful right now. Jobless and almost homeless. Don't know what we'll do. Hubby and I are fighting, can't seem to listen to each other and get along. Driving each other crazy and that was just the weekend.

Monday, August 2

Time to Share

I made it all the way through July without a single post. Facebook had consumed me. Now, I've given that up for a week now, hoping for two, and I've found that I still don't get much done around the house.

So, facebook-less and jobless, I go forward into the unknown, trusting God to lead the way. Came across a great saying today: "Don't ask God to guide your way if you aren't willing to move your feet."

Okay, I'm free and willing. Where do we go next?!!