Sunday, December 13

Did I make it?

  1. Definitely reading my Bible more, but as Nick would say, "Even faster!" But no Bible Study. I get off of work too late to make it anywhere. In January, my co-worker will be closing Wednesday nights, so maybe... :)
  2. Going to church, on average, about every other week. That's good because we missed all summer being busy and such.
  3. Loving my husband more? Off and on. This is definitely an area that I need to work on. I really don't know how to be a good wife and he doesn't know how to be a husband. We are working on living together, which seems silly because we've been married 7 years. We have been so busy with work and moving so much and parenting that we have definitely neglected our marriage from the get-go. Hope to remedy that soon...
  4. Still sewing! Lots to do before Christmas, (less than 2 weeks!)
  5. Still playing my sax, though a stupid pad fell off at practice the other night. So, new goal: get saxophone fixed during Christmas break. AND DON'T FORGET TO PRACTICE!!

Sunday, September 20

Revisiting Goals

Sew more; set up corner of living room with sewing table and stash of fabrics.
Play Saxophone; band on monday nights.

Both met!!

There is something to say about writing your goals down. I feel connected to them when I write them out in thoughtful reflection. So, new goals are in order:

Read my bible more.
Love my husband more.
Go to church and find a bible study.

Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes on order here. One for older sisters daughter and two for younger sisters daughters. I hope they like them.

One down, two more to go. It turned out a bit bigger than I thought, so will have to adjust.

Sunday, August 9

Poem #2

Bath time fun
After a day in the sun
As the moon is high
I have soap in my eye

Wash and Rinse
Scrubba Bubba

Clean for bed
Towel head
Tummy fed
Books all read

Sweet dreams!

Saturday, August 8

Poem #1

Oh, a surprise! I can't wait to see!
It's all planned out. What could it be?

Mommy and Daddy are on the go.
Car full of gas with me in tow.

We park in the lot; get out of the car.
Looking around; can't tell where we are.

In the building, I see what I see:
The train museum! What fun it will be!

Note: We surprised son with a trip on an electric rail car today. Fun times.

Saturday, June 13

Our new place: boxes every

We took the doors from the closet and threw them away, so it's just open.

Great big kitchen space!

View from our kitchen window is Mt. Diablo! Gorgeous.

Monday, June 8

CPSIA ranting

seems that this law is scaring everyone. Not just the homemade toy industry, but the homemade clothes as well because it effects the sale of fabrics.

Reading on, it is scary to me that so many people don't even know about this. My co-worker, who is very democratic and prides herself on being up to speed in politics, does not know what I'm talking about.

littlethingsboutique says:
yoursandi, I'm with you. It used to be that America was the one place where a person's individuality was celebrated, excellence was rewarded, and we were responsible to and for ourselves. It is profoundly sad to see that we (or as those *in power* would have it) now aspire to mediocrity, dumb down our kids in school so they cannot think for themselves, and the only individuality that is celebrated is that which is deemed "okay."

Wow... I'm apparently ready to rant tonight...

I see what this person is talking about as far as individuality. I see more and more students that can't learn in this "traditional" classroom setting we have created for our American children. More and more kids don't have ADHD. 2nd graders are not developmentally supposed to be able to sit for 3 hours without fidgeting! And let's talk about the effects of preservatives to our blood and body functions. I see right away that when I give my son sugary cereal he goes off the wall. When I give him less sugar and no preservative cereal, he is a normal four year old.

I'm done ranting for tonight. Thanks.

oh, wait, there is more...
Skaldi says:
How are you going to prove that you did it first?
First to trademark it?
By a raise of hands how many fashion designers have enough start-up capitol to trademark each and every pattern they have ever made?

By a show of hands how many mega-corporations for fashion have enough capitol to trademark each and every new pattern they find, the moment they find it?

raccoonsews says:
So now some big fashion house can claim they,and they alone ,conceived the idea of an A-line skirt and anyone making an A-line skirt is infringing? OK Maybe that's simplistic ,but it wouldn't shock me to see them try. Who will be in charge of policing the world or is this only to stifle those in the US. The government is out of control...hope and change my a$$

southernbeauty says:
TheHumbleSeamstress says:

Who are the idiots morons Pick the one that fits!!!
degenerates who came up with this crazy thing???
They need to be VOTED OUT of OFFICE!!! But we need NAMES!!!

We don't "necessarily" need names. Just vote out every incumbent. Then we can change the house and senate in one fell swoop. Two years after that we can change the rest of the administration.

Then we'll have to try to clean up the mess that they will leave behind...CPSIA, universal healthcare, cap and trade, the food safety bill if it passes and so many other things it boggles the mind.
Let's vote them out!!! Why do we keep electing the incumbents when we don't like what they are doing. Duh!!

Pass it on, Baby

New fun blog about giving away. Pass it on, Baby. Check it out.

Monday, June 1

Goals ??

1. I do have my sewing machine with me, yet a place to set it up is hard to find.

2. I have not started sewing yet, but have fun fabric to get going with.

3. I bought a quilting book, yeah! I am not starting on a quilt, but am doing a quilted purse, which is a bit of a twist on my goal. I love to make purses and totes and have wanted to start quilting. This is a GREAT compromise.

4. New Goal: play my saxophone. Found a band that needs an alto. To the store tomorrow to purchase new reeds and MAYBE play tomorrow night if I don't chicken out!!

5. Still crazy-in-love with Jesus and trying to figure out how to show the world.

Friday, April 24

The Story of Stuff

Another video:
Check it out.
ok,after watching the first third of this, I'm crying for our planet!! and after watching the rest, I'm crying for us!! We must take action or there with be no more "Earth Day!"

This video puts together the snid-bits of information I have seen and heard; rumors of America and the waste we create. I've heard the politics aside from the environmental impact and vice versa. This puts all of the information together in a logical flow of the facts that have been changing our world.

It is not easy to live differently than the politicians want us to. Rob and I live in a community now that used to have a lot more farming. I used to come to this place and pick cherries and strawberries. Now I live in a house built on that old farmland. Have you traveled to Southern California and you wondered why Orange County is called by that name? There used to be groves and groves of orange trees!! It was beautiful. Not there anymore!

I have friends that have begun this journey of changing the way they live to not be consumed by our consumer economy. It is my turn to do MORE!! I am very excited to start riding my bike to work. I have to put about $100 into it. After taxes, I hope to be able to.


It might not be well known, but I love to look around the internet at patterns! I have fallen in love with quilts even though I am totally chicken to try one out. I recently found this "Quilting Dad" and am inspired by his pictures and his blog.

Some day I will post pictures of my own quilts, like when I figure out how to make one and then actually make it!

Goal: have sewing machine set up in our new place by the end of May. I already have the perfect place for it!
After that: Make dolls and bags and balls and organizers!! and MAYBE start on a quilt!
After that: conspire with doll-pattern maker to construct easy pattern for charity, done by Christmas time.

Monday, April 20


Rob and I had a great time at Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott's marriage seminar. I am just checking out their website that has over 200 little snid-bit videos to watch, some funny, some serious. We are on the lookout for a couple of their books; hoping to find them used and discounted.

I am interesting in reading these two: "Love the Life You Live" and "The Love List"

Rob might like these: "Proverbs For Couples" and "Love Talk" and "Becoming Soul Mates"

Friday, April 17


Rob and I are going to a marriage seminar this weekend, a one day event.

Please pray that we both come away different and new, with a clear direction for our marriage.
Nick was going potty before bed last night and he knows how to stand. So, his big bouncy ball is next to the toilet for some reason and it catches his eye during the process.

Nick: "Oh, my ball is in the bathroom with me! How did it get there?"

Mom: "I really don't know, Nick. Please go potty."

Nick: "Oh, okay. Can I pee on it, please?"

Mom: "No, Nick. We only pee IN the potty, but thanks for asking so nicely!"

Nick: "We only pee IN the potty?"

Mom: "Yep. Not in our pants, not on the bed, not on the bouncy ball. Only in the potty."

Nick: "Oh."

Sunday, April 12

April Quote

"So here's what you are missing -- marketing is not the same as promotion and neither of them as the same as sales. Marketing is strategic, promotion is tactical, and sales are... well sales. Its on the "marketing" end where your argument falters. Marketing is all about creating new markets not just exploiting existing ones,
In short selling people stuff they never knew they wanted. Its about creating desire for a product within a market niche.

The problem is very few people here, or anywhere like here, actually market. They promote. Promotion is about standing on the street corner yelling your name into the darkness and hoping you get someone to pay attention. For what we do its often the wrong approach entirely."

Taken from an forum, though the person who posted it did not know it's orginallity.

Wednesday, March 25


We're moving to Brentwood. It's not the best of places but far from the worst! The manager of the place seems pretty sweet and we are looking forward to starting fresh.

Keep us in your prayers during this stressful time of moving and transition. Thanks.

Saturday, February 21

EBAY Listings

Check out Rob's and my two listings on ebay!

Storm Trooper


I've had these since I was 7 or so. I had a lot of the star wars characters, but they are long gone. In fact, (this is sad) I bit of Luke Skywalker's head at some point, and I think Princess Leah's feet. Oh, well...

Still Crazy

...Crazy Love..
It's a book...
You should read it...
It's changing my life: my thinking, my actions, my prayers.

Actually, everything we SHOULD have learned through Mission Year, but had a hard time processing.

I read half way through the book and put it down. I could not get passed admitting that I have been a lukewarm Christian and that Christ will spit lukewarm Christians out of his mouth. Ouch!! So, I am not that anymore. I am wearing my faith on my sleeves. I do not want my neighbors to find out LATER that I am a Christian. They should know now! (Though i don't know any of them right now anyway.)

So, I finally picked up the book and have been reading again. I am also listening to the Bible on CD. It's fabulous, except the demon possessed people that sound creepy, so i don't listen when it's dark out! I want to quote the whole book right here, but, you know, copy right laws.

...Crazy Love...
It's a book...
You should read it...

Saturday, February 7


It's official! Well, it was the moment I signed on and found 2 long lost friends, plus all the current ones and then some...


I don't think there is a cure, but that is okay with me for now. When I'm all caught up with everyone, than I can keep up and it won't be so bad... Right?...

Sunday, January 25


Toys Toys Toys!

If you don't know about the new law that goes into effect Feb. 10, 2009, check out the link below.


This law could likely take out small businesses because they don't have the money or resources to do the mandatory lead testing. It's a great idea, but not carried out very well.

Saturday, January 24


I just decided that "blog" stands for "blah, blah, blah," because I get caught up reading about other peoples lives, but really, I need to be here in my own. So...

blah, blah, blah, nobody reads anyway.

Sunday, January 18


Crazy Love, by francise chan

reading this book: it's changing my life.

Honestly, it's changing my thinking. If Jesus came today and asked me to follow him, I'd say yes, hypothetically. In reality, could I leave my SON, my job, my family? It's so deep and so real, I can't explain what I'm trying to say.

Describe your first kiss to someone who has never had one before... now describe Jesus, I can't even describe him to myself! It is reassuring to know that their will never be sufficient words to describe God's wonder and love.

End of confusing post...

Monday, January 12

Still Crafting

Check out my Etsy store!! Click on the link to your right.

If anybody reads this blog, check out my Etsy store. I am having a lot of fun with my sewing machine so take a look and relax. Shopping from home!

My first bags were just practice as I learned to sew and post on Etsy, but I do believe I am getting better. I have a hard time posting these bags because I want to keep them for myself!

Happy browsing!!

Thursday, January 1

Wars and Rumors of Wars

This is from 2005, Israel remaining peaceful in Gaza.

This is so funny to me. The demoralization! So ludicrous! The nonviolence of Israel being mocked!

Taken from an article: 2008

Israeli leaders said they would press ahead with the Gaza campaign, despite international criticism and enraged protests across the Arab world. Israel's foreign minister said the goal was to permanently halt the barrages of rocket fire from Gaza that have targeted civilians in growing swaths of Israel's south, but not to reoccupy the Palestinian territory.

Hamas fired missiles deeper than ever into Israel, hitting near the Israeli port city of Ashdod, and the Islamic organization continues to command some 20,000 fighters.

Yet Hamas leaders were forced underground, most of the dead were from the Hamas security forces, and Israel's military intelligence chief said Hamas' ability to fire rockets had been reduced by 50 percent. Indeed, Hamas rocket fire dropped off sharply, from more than 130 on Saturday to just over 20 on Sunday.

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis live in cities and towns in Gaza rocket range. Schools in communities in a 20-kilometer (12-mile) radius from Gaza were ordered to remain closed beyond the weeklong Jewish holiday of Hanukkah which ends Monday.

"What would Indonesians do if Malaysia was shelling Pontianak with 70 rockets per day? During the supposed "cease fire" Hamas shot over 1,250 rockets into Southern Israel. Israel did not fight back. It sought to maintain the peace. Hamas only escalated the attacks. What would Indonesia do if Malaysia was shelling Pontianak with 70 rockets per day? Should Israel just lay down and do nothing? My heart grieves for every innocent Palestinian victim, every mother and child. But Hamas bears responsibility for bringing this violence upon the Palestinians." Amir