Friday, April 24

The Story of Stuff

Another video:
Check it out.
ok,after watching the first third of this, I'm crying for our planet!! and after watching the rest, I'm crying for us!! We must take action or there with be no more "Earth Day!"

This video puts together the snid-bits of information I have seen and heard; rumors of America and the waste we create. I've heard the politics aside from the environmental impact and vice versa. This puts all of the information together in a logical flow of the facts that have been changing our world.

It is not easy to live differently than the politicians want us to. Rob and I live in a community now that used to have a lot more farming. I used to come to this place and pick cherries and strawberries. Now I live in a house built on that old farmland. Have you traveled to Southern California and you wondered why Orange County is called by that name? There used to be groves and groves of orange trees!! It was beautiful. Not there anymore!

I have friends that have begun this journey of changing the way they live to not be consumed by our consumer economy. It is my turn to do MORE!! I am very excited to start riding my bike to work. I have to put about $100 into it. After taxes, I hope to be able to.

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  1. still dreaming of the bike. taxes have proved to be a pain.