Tuesday, September 13

One Cushion

I dumpster dived to get these chairs. The fabric that they had on the cushions was very... 90s. Maroon and gold stripes, something like that. Much better now!
I will eventually sand and paint the chairs black, confirmed by my sister-in-law who said she would do it if it was hers. Now I HAVE TO DO IT!

This was my first reupholstered project and I think I did pretty well!

Bedroom Decor

All we had above our bed before today was this:

Now, I finally found my box of pictures and we have this:

I need to find something else to do with these words, any suggestions!?

I love blue and I love stars, so this is perfect! I painted the frames from brown to blue and put paper stars and wooden stars on some scrapbook paper. Put it all in the frame and this is what I got!

Monday, September 5

Yosemite in June


Camping. Enjoying the camp fire.

Sunday, September 4

Welcome Dinner

I had the privilege to help welcome the new Mission Year missionaries for this year, 2011-2012. I decorated the tables and had fun talking with the newbies.

I made magnets to act like table confetti.

I even typed up a list of famous people from Oakland, CA.

I made a poster with all the Bay Area teams on it. (actually had tons of help on this one!)

And I decorated the tables.

These were on the food table: