Monday, January 30

And Your Kiss

My son and I have watched "Happy Feet" so many times that we sing right along with the songs when they play on the radio.

This is our favorite scene. My son asks me often if we make a heart when we put our foreheads and noses together!

So, for V-day, I made him a shirt. No red, girly hearts or bows. No sir!
Orange and penguins for this kid!
I used the reverse applique technique, finding out it is super-dee-duperdee easy.
I sketched out a design, cut it and traced it onto the shirt.
Then, I attached the black knit to the inside of the shirt, and stitched around my design.

Then I cut out the orange in the middle very carfully. For the inside of the shirt, I trimmed the black along the outside of the design,
Done and in LOVE!