Tuesday, January 10

Which fabric to use?

HELP! I am making a little dress and can't decide on the right fabric combo!
There is this Turquoise that I HAVE TO USE!
(the bright picture with the flowers in the middle is the correct color.)

Does it look good with the stripes?

Does it look good with the flowers?

Does it look good with the printed penquin?

Any help is greatly appreciated. My camera is dieing. Don't think I'll get many more pictures from it, so sorry for that. But what do you think!? I need to cut into the fabric tomorrow sometime to get this project rolling! Thanks!


  1. am i too late? i vote flowers!

  2. I love the flowers too! But decided that the yellow didn't quite work with it. Went with turquoise and stripes, which I forgot at the time is the baby-momma's favorite color. So, it's perfect! Can't wait to share pictures!