Thursday, April 30

Culture Shock 90

I've posted about all kinds of bugs before.

Not sure I've mentioned the sheer size of them! (Not to mention the AMOUNT of bugs.)

Story Time: My 9 year old was allowed to bring a Dragonfly into the house because he usually keeps a good grip on things. Not this time!

The huge Dragonfly bit his thumb so he let go!  It flew onto his little brothers chest and bit him in the chin!  Then it landed on me! On the hand that was holding my phone.  I may have tossed my phone across the room in fear of being bit myself but I'm not telling.

The rare Luna Moth entered our home for a brief moment. It's the size of a dollar bill. 

And I have no idea how my son found a queen ant but he did. It's dead here in his hand but THAT thing is an ANT! Yuck!!

I don't know if we have Texas beat for big bugs but Mississippi is giving TX a run for the money! 

Monday, April 27

Culture Shock 89


Ideas are not coming as fast.

I think because everything seems so normal now.

Everything feels like home.

I'm finally acclimated to the South.

That doesn't mean things are comfortable, like the prospect of tornados or snake bites. And it doesn't mean I miss California less. Things are different; people are different; I've grown. ... older and, dare I say, wiser.

Not sure when I'll get a chance to visit California, but my husband, who has been "home" twice, assures me that I'll find lots of things that are different/annoying when I finally make it out that way.

Not sure much can shock me now a days anyway.  Raising 2 boys around bugs and dirt and snakes and tornados has been quite enough, thank you!

(Though I know God has a sense of humor, so now that I've said that, I'll be on my toes!)

Mississippi adventures, (I mean home!): mud puddles,  swamps, chickens, and more chickens. 

Sunday, April 26

Culture Shock 88

This is another shocker for me about attitude.

Californians: mention that you want to move out of the city. You are the odd one out here.  Why live in the country where you have to drive 45 minutes just to go grocery shopping? Don't you want neighbors and socialization?

Mississippians: mention that you are looking for a place out in the country. You might get a slap on the back and a, "Good for you!"

Seriously, I do miss the convenience of a 30 minute round trip grocery store run. It just takes a little more planning on my part when I know the driving alone will be an hour out of my day.  And no last minute dinner changes.  If it's not on the menu,  therefore we don't have the ingredients this week, it's not getting made!

Saturday, April 25

Culture Shock 87

Can't imagine this to be true anywhere in California.

We currently DO NOT know what our physical address is.  We know the street we live off of, but we have no house number. 

We have found our place on Google Earth.  It's quite beautiful from that angle. It's quite beautiful from this angle too! The post office simply will not be able to find our house.

Monday, April 20

Culture Shock 86

Open carry. 

I have learned more about gun safety and gun laws this past year than I ever cared to know before. 

The FIRST shocker relating to guns was when I saw a guy entering Lowe's with a shot gun strapped to his back.  No one else seemed to blink an eye, but I sure did! It made me so uncomfortable. 

Of course my husband just grinned at me with that little smirk on his face that says he likes that I'm a bit uncomfortable, thinking that it's "cute."

Friday, April 3

Culture Shock 85

California has power lines, of course. Many of them are under ground though.

I don't think Mississippi has any underground lines!  Driving through the city or on your way out to the country, the lines scar your view of the setting sun. In California cities,  the buildings are in your way unless you can find a small hill or rooftop. Either way, it's hard to get a clear view. 

I feel like God made this sky just for me!