Monday, April 27

Culture Shock 89


Ideas are not coming as fast.

I think because everything seems so normal now.

Everything feels like home.

I'm finally acclimated to the South.

That doesn't mean things are comfortable, like the prospect of tornados or snake bites. And it doesn't mean I miss California less. Things are different; people are different; I've grown. ... older and, dare I say, wiser.

Not sure when I'll get a chance to visit California, but my husband, who has been "home" twice, assures me that I'll find lots of things that are different/annoying when I finally make it out that way.

Not sure much can shock me now a days anyway.  Raising 2 boys around bugs and dirt and snakes and tornados has been quite enough, thank you!

(Though I know God has a sense of humor, so now that I've said that, I'll be on my toes!)

Mississippi adventures, (I mean home!): mud puddles,  swamps, chickens, and more chickens. 

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