Wednesday, October 22

Next Food Network Star

My brother-in-law is auditioning to be the Next Food Network Star! Check out his video to help it reach the top 10 most viewed.

Good luck, Tony!

Bath Time!

Nick, being a silly-willy in the tub!!

That tongue is always hangin' out!

Saturday, October 18

Cool Afternoon

My cool kid on a cool autumn afternoon!

Wednesday, October 8

Four Shoes / Zero Pairs

These are Nick's summer shoes. These are also the shoes that he had to choose from to wear. NO MATCHES!!! I was very frustrated for 2/3 weeks until we found the other FOUR shoes!!

Friday, October 3


the sunshine softly touches your face.
a summer breeze tossles your hair.
tears glisten in your eyes
and i wish that i were there.
i see you as if you're really here.
yet i can't reach to touch your face.
i am just a dreamer
as i dream of your embrace.
almost, now, i feel you touching me.
yet i know this cannot be true
because you're not here with me
and i'm still missing you.
but this image of you sitting there,
the summer sun touching your brow;
this is the only image i have
to keep in my heart for now.
copyright: beth davis

Thursday, October 2

Always more Nick-isms

Nick and I were counting twos.
"Two Grandpas!" Nick said excitedly. "But not the same heads."
"No," I replied, "not the same heads, and not the same hearts because they are different people."
"No," Nick retorted. "They are the same heart."
"Why," I asked.
"Because we all love each other!"
(too sweet!)

"Mommy, Daddy camed over to me!"

"Mommy, I want to see the down-side of your eyes."
(Daddy will have to tell you what that means!)

And MY 2 FAVORITEs: Optimus Crime and "Clause the movie, Mom!"