Wednesday, October 30

Do Not Pull

     We have tried everything we can think of to get this boy to stop pulling on the curtains. We use them for transitions into our sunroom that has a desperate heating and cooling system than the rest of the house.  I've even TAUGHT him how to come through the curtains gently. STILL HE pulls on them and has loosened the rods from the wall.

SO, the only thing that has finally worked is having him make his own sign and put it up at eye level near the curtain he uses the most.

He has only done it one more time since he made his sign. It's been 2 weeks. YEAH! He was pulling on them 10 to 15 times a day. GEESH! Sometimes the simple things are the best things!

Saturday, October 26

Birthday Doll

Birthday present for my husband's boss' little girl. I hope she likes it.

Pattern by bitofwhimsy on Etsy.
Whipped this up in the morning. I cut the pattern out last night, sewed her up before lunch. My oldest son helped fill her arms and legs with stuffing. He was so proud to say that he helped make her!

Her blanket only took me 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES!  I can't believe it! I loved sewing again. Oh how I have missed it!

SHE WAS WELL RECIEVED!  The first thing the birthday girl did was cover her up with her blankie. Adorable!

Thursday, October 17

Body Parts Art

Today, our Bible lesson led us all over the Bible exploring different body parts. We talked about how God wants our eyes and ears to glorify him. How our lips and hands should serve him. How our feet are beautiful when they spread the Good News! (I couldn't resist sticking my feet in my 8 years old's face!)

Thanks again to pinterest! We traced his hands and feet, drew a circle for the head and connected it all. So fun!!

Thursday, October 10

Homeschooling: Codes

This week, we are exploring codes. Here are two that we used to write a letter to Auntie.

We will mix letters and numbers tomorrow.  Possibly for a letter to cousins or Grandma.

We are having so much fun together. The struggles are overcome by the fun and laughter and getting to know each other better! (Keep reminding me of that!!)