Saturday, July 7

Baby Things - Pinterest

Thank you, Pinterest, for the a place to hold all of my ideas in a visual representation of inspiration.

These are just cute!  I can't wait to make this stuff for baby!
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Pinned Image Diaper clutch, a must!
Pinned Image If someone doesn't do this for me, I am doing this for myself.  Such a great idea for those quick trips, already together!
Pinned Image Burp clothes, always a must have!
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Adorable shoes!  Keep those winter toes warm!!
Pinned Image I have been wanting to make these for my big kid.  Now I need to make two sets!  Maybe even one for the drivers seat.
Pinned Image I have had this tutorial saved forever!  I wanted one the first time around, so this time is a for sure deal!  I will be making one of these once I pick out a theme!
Pinned Image Can't wait to make some dolls for baby!  My son loves his!  I think I've made him 4.  Might use the same pattern, or get a new one, not sure yet. (This picture is not associated with the pattern I am linking to.)
Pinned Image I REALLY want to make a blanket too.  I have made a few for my son with fabric he picked out and we have 2/3 homemade ones from others.  They are all my favorite!

Need to pick out a theme, but once I do, the sewing machine is going to be busy!!  Cant' wait!

Pinned Image One more picture!  This is just what I want!  Need... to get... sewing... so... very... soon!!!

Thursday, July 5

Diaper Bags - Pinterest

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Which bag (see my board on pinterest,) should I make for myself?  Might need to wait to see if we are having a girl or a boy to pick out fabric, but I want to decide on the pattern to get familiar with it!

Pinned ImageThis one is classic to me.
Pinned Image This one is just cute.  I would pick different fabric, of course, but I like the squareness of it because it isn't classic.

Pinned Image This is just awesome!  Straps can go short for putting on the handles of a stroller as well!  I sort-of like the zebra fabric, but maybe I would go with giraffe or something else.

Any thoughts!?  There are a billion other tutorials out there, but this is what I like and what I think I could do so far.

Wednesday, July 4

Onesies - Pinterest

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These are some of the onesies I want to make for upcoming baby.  They crack me up, so entertaining!  Courtesy of  Pinterest!

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Pinned ImagePinned Image