Thursday, July 5

Diaper Bags - Pinterest

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Which bag (see my board on pinterest,) should I make for myself?  Might need to wait to see if we are having a girl or a boy to pick out fabric, but I want to decide on the pattern to get familiar with it!

Pinned ImageThis one is classic to me.
Pinned Image This one is just cute.  I would pick different fabric, of course, but I like the squareness of it because it isn't classic.

Pinned Image This is just awesome!  Straps can go short for putting on the handles of a stroller as well!  I sort-of like the zebra fabric, but maybe I would go with giraffe or something else.

Any thoughts!?  There are a billion other tutorials out there, but this is what I like and what I think I could do so far.


  1. From watching my sister, the easy attaching to the stroller is an AWESOME feature. The only other thing I have to say/add is try to make the inside something that is light colored and easily cleanable if possible!

    1. yes! I've made purses with dark linings. That is definitely a good reminder to do something light! And I'm thinking of laminated material.