Friday, December 31

Coloring Fabric

Hubby got me these Crayola Fabric Crayons for Christmas. They are interesting, for lack of a better word. You can use any paper to draw a picture, making sure to write words backwards. Then, you can iron onto any shirt, (so far I have only used cotton or cotton blends).

I have enjoyed designing these two shirts with my niece and my son. My niece drew one flower on paper with markers. I proceeded to trace her flower with my crayons. I just couldn't let her touch the crayons and possibly brake them. She is not full of grace, though she is the most helpful little girl you could find! My son wanted a monster with teeth to wear to the dentist on his first visit next week.

Thursday, December 30


Cousins can be so exhilarating to be around. Then 5 minutes later, all the kids need a time out! I think it is the anticipation of a perfect day. This day below was a day at Dell'Osso Family Farm for the petting zoo and the little bit of snow. To a 5 year old without siblings, spending time with cousins is an opportunity to have a brother or sister for a day. But just like a brother or a sister, cousins get under the skin. They argue, they bully, they get tired of each other. They kiss, they hug, they laugh and pretend.
The minute they are parted from one another, the asking begins of when will they been seen next, "how many days, oh how I miss them both!"

I love that we live so close to a bit of our extended family. I spent summers with my cousins and have fond memories of growing up without parental supervision! I hope my son has fun times and memories with his cousins, though there is a lot more supervision for this next generation!

Sunday, December 19

Baby Jesus

My mother-in-law has 30 baby Jesus' in her house this year. I think that is pretty amazing! Talking with my 5 year old, we all decided that that makes HIM a very special baby.

That gave me an idea for birthday decorations! I want to display pictures from the last five years of our son growing up. I found this great idea from a blog and now I can't find the blog, so I hope I can do the idea justice:

Enlarge a dozen or so photos to 8x10. Hang them from a string from the ceiling, maybe 2 or three pictures vertically down the string. Place them all around the room, so that you have to walk around them to get anywhere. They will twist with the air flow in the room, but that will add to the awe of the moment when you first walk in.

I think that would be a neat celebration of our son's life!

In the mean time:
Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!

Wednesday, December 15

Christmas is Coming

(Since my family doesn't read my blog, I will post Christmas presents early!)

I am working on these neck-bone-pillows for all the grown-up girls in my family. 8 to be exact. I've finished 3, so 5 more to stuff.

I am also working on a present for my nephew. The cousins draw names every year so us Moms can buy one really cool gift instead of 8 little crappy ones. I am making a book hanger for him to go next to his bed because he is on the bottom bunk and doesn't have a place to put current reading material. This picture is from this blog and where I got the original idea. Now, there are tons of pictures on line if you need inspiration!

Tuesday, December 14

Popcorn Garland

It was fun to eat more popcorn than actually what got put on the tree. What a fun project! I think I've done this one other time in my life. Put on a Christmas movie and enjoy time together! My son and I were eating and laughing and eating some more...

Monday, December 6


I am now behind my sewing schedule. I have had fabric cut and ready to sew for about 3 months. Things like procrastination, depression and disorganization have kept me from sewing.

Now that there are 3 weeks until Christmas, I am starting to put it all together. As my father would say: "If it weren't for deadlines, nothing would get started!"

Saturday, December 4

It's Here

Well, the Christmas tree is almost up. I know it should be, but a lot has been on my mind. We had to install a new dishwasher; file yucky court papers; work out behavior issues at my son's school.
So, at least the tree is at the house and there are no more excuses to delay the unpacking of Christmas ornaments and other decorations!

AND: the Christmas presents no store can sell me...
1. an empty laundry basket, one that has been filled to overflowing and now stands empty because the laundry is all caught up.
2. a sign that reads 'Peace' that means my heart is at rest in the Lord; that my mind is at ease with His care.
3. a wooden cross where Jesus used to be, but is now alive and well!
4. clothes of righteousness and peace and gentleness and faith and love!