Sunday, December 19

Baby Jesus

My mother-in-law has 30 baby Jesus' in her house this year. I think that is pretty amazing! Talking with my 5 year old, we all decided that that makes HIM a very special baby.

That gave me an idea for birthday decorations! I want to display pictures from the last five years of our son growing up. I found this great idea from a blog and now I can't find the blog, so I hope I can do the idea justice:

Enlarge a dozen or so photos to 8x10. Hang them from a string from the ceiling, maybe 2 or three pictures vertically down the string. Place them all around the room, so that you have to walk around them to get anywhere. They will twist with the air flow in the room, but that will add to the awe of the moment when you first walk in.

I think that would be a neat celebration of our son's life!

In the mean time:
Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!

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