Thursday, August 21

Culture Shock 53

A friend thought I should write a blog post about the music we sang at choir practice.

Although my church growing up would probably not have picked that song to sing, gospel songs and spirituals are not foreign to me!

I've been in a few gospel choirs. I love old spirituals. And I was the token white girl in an all black gospel church choir when I lived in Atlanta.

For some,  this music might be new, but I'm an old pro and this music makes my heart sing!

Saturday, August 9

Culture Shock 52

What a wonderful difference in the highways here! Besides the lack of traffic most of the time, the on-ramps are marvelous.

I think it will be so much easier to teach Nick to drive. When my mom was teaching me to get onto the freeway back home, she regrettably chose an on-ramp that was short and consisted of a 270° turn. We actually had to stop on the ramp because of the flow of traffic, my mom being distracted by teaching me, and the degree of the turn. It was horrifying to be stopped on the freeway as cars zoomed past.

The highways in southwest Mississippi are not crowded. They have long on-ramps so you have time to merge. And it is common courtesy for drivers to move over to the left for merging vehicles.

Thank you, Mississippi!

Wednesday, August 6

Culture Shock 51

"Oh my gravy!"
That is a new saying for me!

Heard a story about a teacher who doesn't let her kiddos say, "Oh my god." She teaches them to say gravy instead.

Correct me if I'm wrong friends from California! Would a teacher get away with that?! I think a teacher would get reprimanded for telling a student they couldn't say the word god in the classroom, especially in this way.

It was a shock to me to hear this. It is an elementary teacher, but still. It is something that would be approached with caution in California for sure!

Sunday, August 3

Culture Shock 50

A few things have shocked me at the grocery store!

Not going to see these at Save Mart! I've also seen gator meat and lots of turkey giblets. Not sure what to do with any of it. (And I'm not asking!)

Saturday, August 2

Culture Shock 49

How many refrigerators do you have?

My grandmother in Oregon had an extra freezer in the garage. I could be wrong but I think she used it mostly when all the family was in town.

My parents have had an extra freezer off and on. But I personally never have. We've lived in apartments that don't have room for anything extra.

Here in Mississippi, it is almost a sin NOT TO have an extra freezer! You have to have room for that doe or two, deer or rabbit,  room for the pork, or even for those amazing sales from Piggly Wiggly!

Tuesday, July 29

Culture Shock 48

School Districts by county, not by city. I am totally confused!

Antioch Unified School District. That's a city.
Pittsburg Unified. City. (Yes. That is how California spells Pittsburg!)

South Pike and North Pike are counties. I was confused with South McComb and North McComb.

I think I got it now.

Friday, July 25

Culture Shock 47

Accents. Nope. I don't have one. So I thought a year ago!

I can understand most accents. I call it ear-tuning. I have to lean in a bit and watch the lips carefully at times.

My husband has found out from the locals that quite a few people moved up this way after hurricane Katrina hit. These people from the gulf of Louisiana are difficult for me to tune in to. Otherwise, Mississippians don't have too much of a draw in their speech!

I have found a few things that I say funny, though. "Leg" with a long 'a' sound, as well as "eggs." I pronounce the word "I" as the long letter sound, whereas the locals tend to say it with just the beginning sound. (Say it out loud slowly and you can hear 2 distinct sounds!)

I am sure there are other things I say that sound strange out here. In fact, children often stare at me when I say hello. I'm either funny looking or I sound weird to them!

Culture Shock 46

Wave. I must remember to wave. Take my hand off the steering wheel and wave. Shake my hand in the air as a car drives by the house to wave.

My little guy has this down, especially if you are in a truck! I am sure that I have been seen as rude because I forgot this little cultural thing to do. It is not second nature for me to wave to strangers or passers by.

Back at home, if I did this, I would be stuck with my hand up in the air! The only time I waved was when I actually knew the person.