Thursday, July 31


My little swimmer! He loves the water, almost always has! (refer back to very first bath pictures!) He's got the little white butt with the tan legs and back. I love it!


I told Nick he was a little pain in the butt.
He told me I was too! and that I was a BIG pain in the butt.
Little stinker!

oh, forgot to mention:

It's official! Nick is potty-trained!!!

Thursday, July 24



Nick and I were in the car when a wash of fowel smelling "something" came over us. Nick starting saying PU! in the back of the car and asking if it was a skunk. Having a cold, I could not decipher if it was roses or a dirty skunk. Nick started chanting and being silly about the word "PU."

Nick's chant:
PU, PU, P, P, P, P. The skunk P, P'ed on the road when he got died.
What's U, Mommy? yooey, gooey, U. PU!

A couple of weeks ago, (Rob is making me blog this) I was changing for work infront of Nick (now 3 years old). I took off my PJ top and he said, "Oh, I like your boobs, Mom." Needless to say I finished getting dressed rather quickly!

Wednesday, July 16

May Pictures


pictures are from May:
Nick got a cookie bouquet from my aunts, a "Get Well" present after his surgery.

Lindsay after her dance recital. Too cute! .................................Nick and Lindsay in the new blow-up hot tub.

Tuesday, July 15


Can you guess what these Nicky-isms stand for?:

Jump-o-line ... trampoline

Musicka ... harmonica

Fanks ... thanks

I meed it ... I NEED it

Whiteming ... Lightning McQueen

Monday, July 14


Where is Nick right now: Sitting in his room, listening to a jazz CD he picked out and reading a book. Too cute!

My grandfather passed away this Sunday. I am hoping to make it to the service on Thursday, up in Portland. My dad is up there with his mom, helping her through all the mess of those of us left behind.

Tuesday, July 8

Buddy Game Continued:

So, Nick has accused "Whinsay" twice and Grammie once of teaching him the "Buddy Game." I believe that I have also been named the culprit.

You are out there, teacher of the "Buddy Game" and I will find you...

Saturday, July 5

Buddy Game

I forgot to mention this new game that Nick made up. Aunt Becky was taking care of Elizabeth in a studio at Sears that was not being used when Nick came to see what was going on. He was away from the door, thankfully, when he asked Aunt Becky if she wanted to play the "Buddy Game."

Aunt Becky: What's the Buddy Game?
Nick: The Butt Game!

He preceeded to turn around, pull down his pants AND his underwear, and wiggle his butt at Aunt Becky. If you are the one who taught Nick how to do this, you now have a time out!

Nick's Musings

Nick heard Elizabeth crying a bit this morning and asked "what is that?" I told him it was Elizabeth and he wanted to know what was going to happen with her. I informed Nick that her mommy would take care of her. Nick's reply: "I will help her." (Too sweet!)

Yesterday, we went to get Nick's and Elizabeth's pictures taken, seperately. At the portrait studio they had a tv for kids to watch. Nick was really close to the tv so I set up a chair directly infront of it and set Nick back a little. This little girl came over and stood between Nick and the tv, completely blocking Nick's view. He reached out to tap her, get her attention, and his hand happened to be at her butt level. Nick sorta grabbed her butt and politely asked if she could move out of the way. (I moved his hand and told him not to touch people there!) The little girl turned her head around and sweetly replied, "Excuse me, could you please not touch my bum." I told her mom what had happened and her mom was shocked at how polite she was about the whole thing. It was very cute.

Thursday, July 3

Repeat of Humanness.

Aunt Beth: Hey, Samantha, are you a human?
Samantha: Yeah.
Grammie: Hey Nick, are you a human?
Nick: huh uh. (no)

Tuesday, July 1

Blue Skies

These pictures do not do the sky justice. They were taken with my phone.
These are significant pictures because we haven't seen blue skies in at least a week, maybe 2. The wisps you see are not clouds but smoke. It was beautiful to behold. I tried to get a picture of Mt. Diable, which has not been there in a couple of days, as it finally emerged into view. I definitely appreciate the blue skies more when they have been hidden from view for awhile. As "they" say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Dirty Feet!

Nick and I had dirty, dusty feet, but had just taken a bath that morning, so we decided to wash our feet in the sink. Nick thought that was very silly!