Thursday, July 31


My little swimmer! He loves the water, almost always has! (refer back to very first bath pictures!) He's got the little white butt with the tan legs and back. I love it!


  1. It's so fun to swim with Nick. It's so not fun trying to get him out of the pool!

    He's so brave. After just a few swim classes, he was jumpping in from the side of the pool at our apartment. A week earlier he wouldn't leave the steps!

  2. does he go under the water yet? i can't get May-May to do that trick yet

  3. He's touched the bottom a couple of times (with Daddy's help). Grandma has set him loose without swimmies just a few times and let him swim to the ladder, but he told me it's scary and he doesn't like it, so we don't do that any more. (He's not bouyant enough yet to keep his head above the water, skinny boy!)

    He has no problem jumping in from the side and always goes under when he lands, but with his swimmies he pops right back up.