Friday, June 8

Five Minute Friday - Expectation

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 My son just turned seven.  What a world he lives in!  So many expectations for the future.  We still have the occasional bed-wetting episode.  We still snuggle like he's 3.  He still needs help tying his shoes and riding his bike. 

I thought we would have outgrown all of these things.  Expectations!  But I am excited for all the other ways HE IS GROWING!  He talks to his friends about Jesus.  He reads on his own every day.  He loves being outside, running, skipping, playing soccer.  I didn't expect these things, but here he is.  My 7 year old, just finishing up first grade.


To have another one on the way now is strange.  I expected to have my children be closer in age.  Now they will be 7.5 years apart.  It's how it worked out, not like any of my expectations!  Yet somehow, it's still perfect.  Perfect timing for us, this little family of almost four.  Perfect timing for change to happen in our lives.  Perfect timing for my 7 year old to be a big brother!