Tuesday, December 30

More Cake

These are my Christmas tree cupcakes that Nick wanted me to make. One for Grammie's house and one for Gramma's house! The example picture is much cuter and more elaberate, but this is all I could figure out.

Saturday, December 27

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Someone at my church decided to give us ALL a Christmas present and bought this book to give to each family of our congregation. We are not a small church. I have started reading it and it's not bad! The author has created a website that gives introductions to each chapter. Click on videos and than the awe factor of God. He gives a reminded perspective of God and us.

I was thinking that this book would be a good one for Mission Year to read. I know that they are always looking for good books. Maybe even a book to recommend to alumni. (btw: Mission Year's website is awesome! How do I get Leroy to come to California?!)

Wednesday, December 24


A friend introduced me to this awesomely funny site: Cake Wrecks!

I don't usually do random jumping around on the internet, but I found this green planet site that I find interesting. I don't know how accurate the data is, but it sounds good! I don't endorse the opinions of this site. I think it's informative and interesting.


So, I had the third marriage proposal of my life.

I handed my son a bracelet I made for him. He sat on my lap and asked me, "Will you marry me?"

I gave him kisses and told him he was sweet, but that I was already taken. "You're taken to marry, Mom?"

"Yes, Nick, I'm already married to your daddy!"

"But will you marry me?" Nick kept asking in the sweetest little boy voice.

(I also had fourth and fifth and sixth marriage proposals today, as my son did not stop asking me for 15 minutes!)

Friday, December 19


Still trying to be crafty. The kids draw names for Christmas presents so us parents don't have to buy something for EVERYONE.

Nick got his youngest cousin. So, I have been working on these plush characters for her to stuff into a bag because she likes to sort things and put stuff inside other things. I will stuff these and put them into a home-made purse. Nick likes them, too!

Friday, December 12

Beth Baking!!

Beth baking!? Not really baking, but making a no-bake cake, (for a potluck), Pampered Chef style...
(So, yeah, it's a stocking cake.)


I finally have posted on ETSY.com. Check out my store. I will have more purses up soon. I'm learning this process and having fun too!!

Lake Tahoe

We went to Lake Tahoe with my family for Thanksgiving. It was cold. VERY cold. No snow down low, though you could take the gaundula for $30/person. Nope, we stayed low, had fun window shopping and enjoyed the quietness of being in the mountains.

1. Climbing the mountain (cousin)
2. Sleeping in
3. Mom and son in the sun

Crafty yet again

I've been working on these purses to take to a craft fair. Then I found out that I can't do it, it's closed and very specific. So, I'm thinking of putting these up on ETSY for a few bucks, just for fun. It's a limited customer base, making jean purses, but I'm having tons of fun!!
I made these for a birthday present, along with a purse to stuff them into. I made the pattern myself. Also working on a kitty and possibly a snake.