Tuesday, August 30



Oh so fun to clean out my parents garage! My favorite find:
Strawberry Shortcake figurines!

Lots of Barbies, but they were not in such good condition. The My Little Ponies need a bath, but otherwise, ready for fun!

My sister loved these troll dolls:
Who remembers these characters?! It's so fun to share with my own young guy the things that I played with as a kid!

What about you? What was your favorite 'vintage' toy!?

Monday, August 29


I took over making these curtains for the school art room. I think they turned out very nice and I hope they accomplish the goal of making the room look less cluttered and more sleek!

Friday, August 19

Walmart Fail

We have a store in Antioch, CA called Fallas. It's a wreck-of-a-store. The employees were stocking shelves while there was tons of merchandise on the floor. Interesting.

Anyway, I found this fleece jacket that was marked as being from Walmart. Can we say "FAIL!" $150.00 for a little kids fleece, not even lined, jacket with a couple of pockets and a zipper. NO WAY!
So instead of re-pricing, Walmart sells it to Fallas for their shelves. Silly and crazy.

Thursday, August 18

Dino Done!

Bit of Whimsy has amazing patterns for dolls and other creatures! Check out her blog and her facebook page! You can order her patterns or already-made dolls here!
This is my latest project from one of her patterns: Dino! I started this in May, but finally got around to finishing it up last night. My son is very excited for the finished product!
You can see how big he is compared to the hotwheel.

Have you discovered Pinterest? Oh my. I am so addicted. All of my favorite tutorials in one place with picture references. LOVE
I have quite a few boards going, with 90% of them being DIY-ers. Check it out! You'll fall in love too!

Sunday, August 14

My First Sew-In

Very excited for my first Sew-In this coming Friday!

Handmade by Heidi

Come and join in the fun! Just you and your sewing machine, a cup of coffee for me, and some inspiration from fellow bloggers!

Sunday, August 7

Swimsuit Skirt

I have always loved these swimsuit skirts! I'm self-conscience in a suit, but a t-shirt doesn't help. It's my bottom half that I'm not fond of. So, these bathing suit skirts are awesome! They have just recently come back into fashion, thank goodness!

I have a suit that is in need of repair, or revamping, but the first step for me was making my own skirt. I will attach it eventually and do other reconstruction. For now:

the swimsuit skirt:
Thanks for stopping by to see!

Thursday, August 4

First Grade Rocks

I found this saying and just had to have it done for the first day of first grade! It will be Friday tomorrow of the first week and it is done.

So, this plain white t-shirt got a re-vamp with arms cut off and saying ironed on:

and his new teacher with get a tote:

Monday, August 1