Sunday, June 29


Nick had a fabulous time with his cousins this weekend. He keeps asking me if we are going to see them again today. Jacob and Ethan didn't fight as much at Grammie's house because Ethan had Nick to play with. Interesting that when I went to pick up the pizza for dinner Nick didn't even notice I was gone. He asked Grammie where Lindsay was, though! (she had gone with me.)

After nap time, we will be off to dinner and a movie tonight, the most recent Disney release: Wall E. I can't wait. We haven't seen a movie in the theater since we took Nick to see "Cars" right before he turned one.

We're going to San Diego this weekend for the fourth. Mom and Dad are going and they invited us. Rob can't get off work, but I'm taking Thursday off to drive down there with them. Free for us, so might as well take advantage. I need to see my baby girls. They're getting so big. For those that don't know, we now have three boys and three girls in the family of grandkids. 3 of Nick's cousins live in Stockton and 2 live in San Diego.

Monday, June 23

Nick's musings...

I can't remember if I've said this before:

Nick and I were playing with cars a while back: I was the mommy-car and Nick was the kid-car. I kept calling Nick "little-one" and he came back with "mommy-one."

I just started calling Nick a sweetie-pie lately, mostly because he is! He was picking up some toys and I asked him if he needed help: "a-course, Mommy-pie. Fanks!"

Friday, June 20

Sun Rising

I've been up since 4 this morning, unable to sleep. I've done some updating and exploring of the internet; i've played games and gotten bored; i've looked through my book titles for something interesting. Nothing amusing yet.

Now, as the sun is coming up over the horizon, it's dazzling through the blinds, brighter and brighter. I'm at peace. God has given us another day to explore, hope, share, be human in all that that intails: sadness and sorrow; joy and hapiness; fussy Nicks and playing cars; working and relaxing with the fam.

I'm always nervous to pray for God to "enlarge my territory." What the heck would I do if God gave me more people to witness to and care about?! Well, I'd witness and I'd care, and not by my own means, either. I forget that last part quite often.

So, as the sun is rising and we do have another day on this planet, I feel the urgency that Paul talked about frequently in his letters. Spread the good news as we do not have an eternity to share what we know and love about God. Although we will spend an eternity with him, that's to come later for us. For now, we have NOW.

I think often about what it means to love. I don't always show it to the people around me daily, but I do think about it. When we're in love, courting the one person that we want, what do we do? We spend time with that person; we pursue that person; we learn all that there is to know; we tell everyone that we meet about that person because we can't think of anything else. My point: the more I know about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the more I want to tell the people around me and share the grace that I have been given.

So, all this sunshine has gotten to my head which I think will be a great start to this day!

Thursday, June 19

Silly Puppy

Nick was devistated when the blue rubber rope broke and he couldn't pretend to be a puppy dog any longer!

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Wednesday, June 18

Work Related

The Sylvan logo is the old one placed on our last location for 6 years. The orange building is our new site. We get 2 signs because we're on the corner. We get more people in a day just walking in than we did in 3/4 weeks at our old location. We've signed 20 kids up as of the 17th of June! That is so incredible! I'm excited to see where we go in the next two years or so. Maybe we'll have to add more hours to our instructional sessions...
In other parts of my life... Nick has a new phrase: "That's freakin' me up, Dad."

Sunday, June 15

Having fun with this blog

I'm actually enjoying this blogging thing, more than myspace. I've found a lot of families blogging, where myspace turned into a bunch of teenyboppers over the years. Here's more pictures of my Nicky-boo. The nose-picking is a daily occurrance. The shirt on his head is his favorite game to delay bedtime. Those are Nicky and Mommy feet.

Friday, June 13

Camping Trip

Nick went roughin' it with Gramma and Grandpa at Mt. Medona near Santa Cruz!

We all had fun, but Nick especially, being in what boys love best: DIRT!

Nick took lots of hikes with everyone! He walked most of the way. We ate all of our meals outside. It was the best weekend weather, perfectly cool with just enough warmth not to chill ya.

We brought fun new things for Nick to do to keep him occupied in the great outdoors! One activity: building a cardboard car with Daddy. I think it lasted 24 hours; once it hit the dirt, that was it.

Other activities included: spilling dinner into the leaves, (thanks gramma!), sneaking into Aunt Jaimie's tent, four-wheelin' with grandpa,
finding bugs with Aunt Jaimie,
napping with Daddy,
and roasting marshmellows!

Camping Fun

This is my Nicky! "Et'n know."

This is my Nicky talking to the birds!

And this was marshmellow fun!

Birthday Pics

Nick got camping gear for his birthday from G'ma and G'pa Davis. He got a steering-wheel game from Mom and Dad.

(I know I messed up the pictures, but I don't know this computer very well. It's a feat just to have pictures at all on this site!)

Thursday, June 12

Just 5 more minutes!

Nicky doesn't get to see Daddy much, so I let him stay up tonight to have fun with some one-on-one time with Dad. I told Nick 2 or 3 times that he had 5 more minutes. So when I actually went to put him to bed he said, "but I want more minutes, Mom." Too cute!

Okay, it was definitely cuter to hear than it is to read after the fact.

Sunday, June 8

Home Again.

After a great weekend of camping I just put Nick to bed. He had a quiet bathtime, unlike him, and a fun fabric-book story about camping where the characters are dolls that can go from page to page. I went to check on him (because he was kicking the walls!) and he asked rather politely if I could stay and snuggle for one more song. How could I resist?!

As the song ended and the next one began, he put both arms around my neck as I snuggled into his for one last kiss. I informed him in a whisper that it was time for me to go and he whispered back, "But Mom, I want to keep you," with his arms still around my neck. Oh, how I melted!

But it doesn't matter how much time I do or don't spend in his room giving kisses and gentle reassurances. He will still fuss and kick and shake the bed against the wall everytime I leave, even if I stayed for "just one more song, Mom?"

Thursday, June 5

Cookie Pictures

This morning, (well, yesterday) Nick came in to wake me up like usual. He patted the bed and asked, "Where's Daddy?"

"Daddy's at work," Mommy reassured a downhearted Nick.

"But he's supposed to be here," Nick whispered disappointedly.

Nick has not been napping and therefore has been falling asleep on the fifteen minute drive home from Gramma's house. Daddy is gone when he gets up in the morning, so they haven't seen eachother since Sunday. It's now Thursday (Wednesday night late) and Nick and Daddy will not be reunited until Friday when Daddy joins our camping expodition. :(

Nick and I played with this fun colored cookie dough this morning. It looks like playdough, but tastes like... nothing. Sugar Cookie texture, but there's just nothin' there. Nick loves them of course!

Wednesday, June 4

Are you a human?

After reading Dia's blog, I decided to ask Nick if he was a human:

Mom: Nick, are you a human?
Nick: what?
Mom: are you a human?
Nick: (a little more agitated) what?
Mom: Nick, (more stern) are you a human?
Nick: what is a human for?
Mom: all people are humans. are you a human?
Nick: (giggling) nooo!
Mom: yes you are!
Nick: thank you, mom!