Friday, June 13

Camping Trip

Nick went roughin' it with Gramma and Grandpa at Mt. Medona near Santa Cruz!

We all had fun, but Nick especially, being in what boys love best: DIRT!

Nick took lots of hikes with everyone! He walked most of the way. We ate all of our meals outside. It was the best weekend weather, perfectly cool with just enough warmth not to chill ya.

We brought fun new things for Nick to do to keep him occupied in the great outdoors! One activity: building a cardboard car with Daddy. I think it lasted 24 hours; once it hit the dirt, that was it.

Other activities included: spilling dinner into the leaves, (thanks gramma!), sneaking into Aunt Jaimie's tent, four-wheelin' with grandpa,
finding bugs with Aunt Jaimie,
napping with Daddy,
and roasting marshmellows!


  1. Getting away was wonderful. It was great to see you smiling non-stop. We definately need to go camping much more often.

  2. Haha! I just looked at the big versions of those pictures! Brother is making a really funny face in the one of you guys! Like he's confused or something. hehe. We won't comment on my lovely morning mug though... But I love the one of us with the grasshopper! I agree with Brother. We'll have to do this more often!