Thursday, June 5

Cookie Pictures

This morning, (well, yesterday) Nick came in to wake me up like usual. He patted the bed and asked, "Where's Daddy?"

"Daddy's at work," Mommy reassured a downhearted Nick.

"But he's supposed to be here," Nick whispered disappointedly.

Nick has not been napping and therefore has been falling asleep on the fifteen minute drive home from Gramma's house. Daddy is gone when he gets up in the morning, so they haven't seen eachother since Sunday. It's now Thursday (Wednesday night late) and Nick and Daddy will not be reunited until Friday when Daddy joins our camping expodition. :(

Nick and I played with this fun colored cookie dough this morning. It looks like playdough, but tastes like... nothing. Sugar Cookie texture, but there's just nothin' there. Nick loves them of course!

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  1. I'm hoping I get a Skype call from Nick and Grandma today while I'm at work. Time is running low though. I miss him like crazy!