Friday, June 20

Sun Rising

I've been up since 4 this morning, unable to sleep. I've done some updating and exploring of the internet; i've played games and gotten bored; i've looked through my book titles for something interesting. Nothing amusing yet.

Now, as the sun is coming up over the horizon, it's dazzling through the blinds, brighter and brighter. I'm at peace. God has given us another day to explore, hope, share, be human in all that that intails: sadness and sorrow; joy and hapiness; fussy Nicks and playing cars; working and relaxing with the fam.

I'm always nervous to pray for God to "enlarge my territory." What the heck would I do if God gave me more people to witness to and care about?! Well, I'd witness and I'd care, and not by my own means, either. I forget that last part quite often.

So, as the sun is rising and we do have another day on this planet, I feel the urgency that Paul talked about frequently in his letters. Spread the good news as we do not have an eternity to share what we know and love about God. Although we will spend an eternity with him, that's to come later for us. For now, we have NOW.

I think often about what it means to love. I don't always show it to the people around me daily, but I do think about it. When we're in love, courting the one person that we want, what do we do? We spend time with that person; we pursue that person; we learn all that there is to know; we tell everyone that we meet about that person because we can't think of anything else. My point: the more I know about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the more I want to tell the people around me and share the grace that I have been given.

So, all this sunshine has gotten to my head which I think will be a great start to this day!

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