Sunday, June 29


Nick had a fabulous time with his cousins this weekend. He keeps asking me if we are going to see them again today. Jacob and Ethan didn't fight as much at Grammie's house because Ethan had Nick to play with. Interesting that when I went to pick up the pizza for dinner Nick didn't even notice I was gone. He asked Grammie where Lindsay was, though! (she had gone with me.)

After nap time, we will be off to dinner and a movie tonight, the most recent Disney release: Wall E. I can't wait. We haven't seen a movie in the theater since we took Nick to see "Cars" right before he turned one.

We're going to San Diego this weekend for the fourth. Mom and Dad are going and they invited us. Rob can't get off work, but I'm taking Thursday off to drive down there with them. Free for us, so might as well take advantage. I need to see my baby girls. They're getting so big. For those that don't know, we now have three boys and three girls in the family of grandkids. 3 of Nick's cousins live in Stockton and 2 live in San Diego.

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