Friday, September 26

Washed in Blood?

I read this in a book by Ron Carlson and Ed Decker. I hope I get it right...

I've always been confused about being washed in the "blood" of the lamb. How can I be white as snow if I am covered in the staining power of blood? I know the blood of Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice and no other will ever have to be made. I know that his blood was the last the Father required and no more need be shed. I know that that is why I don't have to die for my sins. Still... how can I be CLEAN if I'm covered in blood?

At times, a ewe might die giving birth. Then there is a lamb that does not have anyone to feed it. Another ewe WILL NOT take on that lamb because it is not of the same blood. At times, a ewe might give birth to a still-lamb, leaving that ewe with all the motherly instincts but no lamb to be a mommy to. The GROSS, AMAZING PART: a farmer will take the skin off of the dead lamb and place it on the lamb that has no mommy. The farmer will give that lamb that is covered in the dead-skin to the ewe that just lost her baby. NOW the ewe will take on this motherless lamb because it is covered in the blood of her lost baby; it will smell like her blood.

Now I can see that we are washed in the blood of Christ, adopted into the the family of God; we smell like him and are taken care of by the Father.

Eventually, the farmer can take the dead skin away and the mother will be used to the new lamb and treat it like her very own. Even after the blood is washed away and the lamb is clean, the ewe will take care of it the same as if it were of her own blood. WOW! Now I see the metaphor.

Monday, September 22

A Glass Slipper

A glass slipper... need I say more? Many a young, romantic heart has wished for her prince to seek her and find her and wisp her away to a better life. But in all the stories, there is only ONE slipper to fit ONE foot; only ONE romantic getaway.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men.
JOHN 1:1-5

There was, there is, and there is yet to come, THE ONE. He's like the slipper in that he is the perfect fit. The difference is that we were made to FIT HIM. Perfectly made how he wanted us to be so that we could fit together with him. Not just one shoe for one person, but ONE savior to fit ALL mankind, with one place to go: HEAVEN! the ultimate romantic getaway. No pain, no sorrow, no rejection and best of all: the perfect fit, you and me along side the Word, Jesus Christ.

Sunday, September 21

More on the Accident

I just got back from Florida! Lovely weather there!
But first, more on the car accident has been requested:

I rolled into the car in front of me on an off-ramp. She took her foot off of the break, so did I. She looked over her shoulder to merge, do did I. I looked forward, hit the break and then hit her. NO BIG DEAL. except, her car was a rental!

We pull over, she gets out of the car and proceeds to step into traffic. I yelled at her (because the traffic was sooo loud) to get out of the street so as not to get hurt. She stepped more into traffic and farther away from me, as if to prove that she would not get hit.

She asked for my information and I told her it would be just a second as I was due to pick up my son and had to tell the person that had my son that I would be delayed. As she is asking me for my info, she is on the phone to the police and procedes to tell them to "hurry up and get an officer out here" because I am being uncooperative. NOTE: my priority was not HER! It was my son.

I wrote all my info down and got out of the car to give it to her. She said that she wanted and had a right to see my drivers license. She was very adiment and rude. I said "no, I'll show the police when they get here since you insisted on calling them. The police are the only people I will be held accountable to at this point." She refused to take my insurance information and made NO MOVE to give me hers. So I got back in the car until the police got there.

She made sure that she spoke to them first, pointing and yelling in my direction. When the officer came to my window, obviously annoyed at being distrurbed from his dinner for a scrape and a scrabble, he asked why I was refusing to exchange information. Hello!! Who was refusing!?!?

The officers were so nice and could see that she was upset at nothing as I stayed calm, (thank you, Rob, for calming me down before they got there!) and that she was acting over the top over such a minor thing.

It still makes me mad that she thought the world revolved around her and her stupid rental car. If I had been the one to get hit, I would have said, "Go home!, I won't rack up your car insurance policy over a 2 inch scratch! I'll just tell the insurance company I don't know who did it, so don't tell me your name!"

Sunday, September 14

Car Accident

This is the damage done by my car to the one I rolled into, the accident where the lady tried to get me arrested or something. Freak! There is no picture of my car because there was NO DAMAGE! yeah!

Friday, September 12

To Do List

A friend inspired me to start a to-do list. I can only think of a few right now, but I know there are plenty more things that I aspire to do before I turn 40. (9 more years, i think.)

~Pay off all debt, live debt free
~Save Money for my sons education
~Get published: I'm done with my manuscript!
~Finish my masters degree
~Buy a house (where?)
~Home School my son

That's enough for now. 2 of those things are in process and I feel good about that. It's nice to feel good about something these days, no matter how small.

Thursday, September 11


The sky was dark all around.
The heavens were speechless... not a sound


Not a wave of his hand; just a thought, a notion.
The sun was created, the earth put to motion.


Man was formed from the dust of Earth's crust
where man would sin from the heart of his lust.


Man heard God call and hid from view
But God knows all 'cause God made you.


And we remembered his voice, his calling.
God created in each of us a longing
for his voice;
for his nearness.
Then God Spoke.

Monday, September 1

One more post...

Nick wanted to post a picture of his cars before bedtime:

Still Crafting

Nick had fun sleeping in his tent for two nights in a row. He's getting so big and has his own opinions.
I needed (i mean, wanted) a new wallet, so I decided to make one to match the new purse I made. Fully lined, purse, clutch, and matching wallet! I am having so much fun. Wallet made out of left over material. Thanks for not letting me throw it away, Rob!
I think I'll try buttons and zippers next, though I'm nervous. I have a list of accessories I want to get for my sewing machine. I'd much rather sew than think about real life right now. It's a great release, to create something and be able to use it or give it away as a gift. I made a thumb pincushion also; Love it!

My True Desire Part 2

Since I made the posting "My True Desire" I must say the devil has been hard at work in our lives.

1. I got in a fender-bender with a witch who tried to get me arrested.

2. A friend lost their 1 year old to complications he's had since birth.

3. My husband got laid off.

4. A close friend lost her pregnancy.

5. We were sent to collections for Nick's surgery bills that our insurance was supposed to cover.

Note: This all happened with in a few days.
My true desire is you, JC, even if the world crumbles around me; even if I stop hearing your voice; even if a hurricane devistates New Orleans still more; even if Obama gets elected president; My true desire is YOU, Jesus Christ.