Saturday, August 11

Five Minute Friday - Connect

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I had a sad morning.  It actually started back in February when I got my new job.  I get to eat breakfast and get my son ready for school, but then I'm off to work until 7:30pm with an hour commute.  I don't get home until he's in bed, waiting for my goodnight kisses before he drifts off to dream land.  I have most Fridays off and work Saturdays.  My son looks forward to after school time with mommy on Fridays.

So, today, as he is making plans over breakfast about what to do with our afternoon, I had to break the news that, even though it's Friday, I have to go to work today because my boss is out of town and I'm in charge.  His response: "Well... that's just disappointing."  Then silence.

 I felt like a connection had been broken with my 7 year old.  I miss being home after school, doing homework, having a snack, and then planning something fun to do together.  I know with Daddy in charge, they have a snack, and do homework.  I just feel like it's a mommy's job.  Oh, I MISS MY SON SO MUCH!  I am thankful for our mornings, but they tend to be rushed and not truly quality time together.

I want more time, before it's gone, to CONNECT with him.  We have a new baby on the way and I fear losing my oldest son to the whims of the world.  I miss him so very much.  


My beautiful son!  4th of July, 2012.