Sunday, May 18

Culture Shock 26

Culture Shock One Liners:
  • Cars are left unlocked in the driveway.
  • Toys are left scattered all over the yard and no one steals them.
  • One word: tornadoes.
  • 5 cars per minute go by the house in CA, vs 5 cars total all day in MS!
  • Church starts Sunday morning, but if you want to hear the rest of the sermon, you have to go Sunday night and Wednesday night also.
  • In Mississippi, there is a cicada season followed by a junebug season followed by a wasp season followed by a lovebug season.
  • It rains here in Mississippi and by rain I mean downpour; not this little drizzly California sprinkling that gets called rain in the Golden State.

Saturday, May 17

Culture Shock 25

This goes along with Culture Shock 24...
I heard gun shots all the time living in Brentwood, CA. (That's Brentwood the city, not the suburb in Los Angeles!) We called the cops on many occasions if they were too close to our abode.
I hear gunshots all the time here in Mississippi as well. I assume someone just shot their dinner!

Friday, May 16

Culture Shock 24

California has stores for outdoor gear. So does Mississippi. I'm not shocked that this is the same.
The amount of camo here, though...anyway!

This was a rack out in the middle of a store floor. Toto, we are not in California anymore!
In California, all the guns are locked up or at least up high so little hands can't get to them. I suppose also so that they are harder to lift/steal. There are not a lot of toy guns or beebee guns just out in the isle either!
AND THE AMOUNT OF GUNS in one store that is not specifically a gun store - wow! I was a little overwhelmed when I walked into Gander Mountain.
When we first got married I told my husband he would have to choose between a gun in our house and me in our house. My, how we have both changed since then. I haven't shot one yet, but we do have guns. I guess my mind was changed when we heard a bobcat on our property here in Mississippi. I was glad my husband had a gun and that he knows how to use it.

Wednesday, May 14

Culture Shock 23

Y'all vs. guys

"Hey guys!" "Whatcha guys doing?" "You guys..."

These phrases can mean all guys or all girls or a combination of both; could be adults or children or both. California has become casual in the reference to address each other in a group.

"Y'all" is pronounced as one word and it feels so strange coming out of my mouth! It makes me smile to hear from others though. So if you see a mischievous smile on my face, you probably said this word and I am only smiling at myself for being different!

STORY TIME: We did meet a waiter that was from Texas. He came up to our table and said, "What can I get you guys?" My husband and I smiled before we asked where he was from. He asked what gave him away that he was not from this area.

Tuesday, May 13

Culture Shock 22

Target. LOVE that store! I'm not personally fond of Super Targets for various reasons that this post is not about. But Target, how I miss you! It's more than an hour drive away from our new home.


Target. A red dot to aim at. Try to have a conversation with your half-listening husband and you will both end up confused. 

He is wondering why you are driving the few feet to the backyard. You're confused as to why he wants to allow your son to carry the rifle in the store. (Speaking of guns, that's for another post!)

Culture Shock 21

What did you say?


Yes sir.
No ma'am.
Excuse me?

These are not just things children say. These are adult languages. I love that my son is getting used to saying "sir" & "ma'am" but it still feels strange for me to say and hear them.
{It's only been ten months.}

Friday, May 9

Culture Shock 20

I've driven through a blizzard.
I've driven through fog.
I've driven through hail and sleet.
I've driven with winds so strong that all of traffic shifted one lane over.
I LEARNED TO DRIVE in the rain of Oregon.

I've NEVER driven through a river...
Until today.
Almost zero visibility through my front windshield. I wanted to move my hands forward to part the water and emerge on top of the river where I could float peacefully and calmly.

Well, I have driven through this type of rain before for a few minutes but not for 45 minutes! And then again on the way home.

It was an adventure. Going 35 on the freeway and slowing down was different. Didn't know my drivers side window had a leak... I even took off my glasses running to my car from the store. No point in them. Couldn't see with or without them!

Friday, May 2

Culture Shock 19

No one counts how many animals you have if you live out in the country. No regulations exist for how many chickens you are allowed or that 3 dogs is your limit.

Not like city living! Sure, Mississippi does have laws within the city limits. No one wants to live between 2 neighbors that have noisy roosters.

Still, it is nice to make our own choices about animals and not worry about the government stepping in.

These are our baby chicks, 2 grown hens, the cat named Chip, the pit-mix that we rescued, and the black puppy named Tater. We're getting turkeys next week and a goat next year!