Friday, May 9

Culture Shock 20

I've driven through a blizzard.
I've driven through fog.
I've driven through hail and sleet.
I've driven with winds so strong that all of traffic shifted one lane over.
I LEARNED TO DRIVE in the rain of Oregon.

I've NEVER driven through a river...
Until today.
Almost zero visibility through my front windshield. I wanted to move my hands forward to part the water and emerge on top of the river where I could float peacefully and calmly.

Well, I have driven through this type of rain before for a few minutes but not for 45 minutes! And then again on the way home.

It was an adventure. Going 35 on the freeway and slowing down was different. Didn't know my drivers side window had a leak... I even took off my glasses running to my car from the store. No point in them. Couldn't see with or without them!

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