Friday, May 16

Culture Shock 24

California has stores for outdoor gear. So does Mississippi. I'm not shocked that this is the same.
The amount of camo here, though...anyway!

This was a rack out in the middle of a store floor. Toto, we are not in California anymore!
In California, all the guns are locked up or at least up high so little hands can't get to them. I suppose also so that they are harder to lift/steal. There are not a lot of toy guns or beebee guns just out in the isle either!
AND THE AMOUNT OF GUNS in one store that is not specifically a gun store - wow! I was a little overwhelmed when I walked into Gander Mountain.
When we first got married I told my husband he would have to choose between a gun in our house and me in our house. My, how we have both changed since then. I haven't shot one yet, but we do have guns. I guess my mind was changed when we heard a bobcat on our property here in Mississippi. I was glad my husband had a gun and that he knows how to use it.

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