Friday, April 30

The Finished Project

Here is the view on flicker. (I don't have photoshop on this computer; sorry)
Done at last! So many things could have kept this jacket / blouse from happening. Thank you for running 'Spring Top Week' so that I would be motivated to get this done in the midst of death, sickness, and finally good old procrastination!


Finished 10 minutes before my scheduled departure time. Pictures to come soon. Need to get ready for work and post this for the judges. SO FUN!!!

Thursday, April 29


Almost done. Ruffles finished and sleeves are attached. Just have some finishing touches. I am getting exciting for this to be done. Truly, if it weren't for this contest, I would have given up when I messed up my first ruffle.

But, as my mother-in-law says, "Put on your big-girl panties and get over it!"

Tuesday, April 27

In the Hood

I forgot that there would be a hood to this light-weight jacket. So the hood is completed and on. It was a bit tricky to sew the curve in the back. I'll have to look up some tips and tricks for this for next time.

NOW the sleeves are next. Three days to be done and posted! I can do this.

On a side note: I bought another Simplicity pattern, took it out to read, and am so disappointed. I really need to stay away from Simplicity patterns. They are cheap, but they are not simple. Can't decide if I'm going to take it back or not. I should, but don't actually make it to JoAnn's very often.

Sunday, April 25

Vintage Fabric

I am so very excited! I helped my mom and dad clean out their garage a few weekends ago. I've had my eye on my mom's old stash of fabric for awhile. Though I've never come out and asked, I've secretly hoped that she would give it to me.

Lo and behold, she did! It is all very dusty and smelly and waiting to be something fabulous. (To the right is an old comforter I believe belonged to my older sister.) Because my poor washer and dryer are in storage until we get another apartment with hookups, I will only be washing it as I need it. All the moths have been sha
ken out and the stash sits in a safer place now, waiting and dreaming of being something spectacular: little girls dresses; a woman's blouse, a purse.

It's not all beautiful. I took pictures of most of it to show the range of my new found treasures. this looks like a fun Japanese jersey knit fabric.

These are polyester, red with blue and white and than an orange that looks more like a table clothe.

I can't remember the name of this fabric, but it will make very adorable summer dresses. I believe that was my mother's intentions.

I don't make doll clothes, but maybe someone else will want these patterns.

I think these are a polyester blend. A couple of blouses are in order!

Tuesday, April 20

No Sew :(

I've been sick for going on two weeks now, so no sewing. Mostly sleep! I hope to get going again tomorrow so I can finish and get my blouse posted! It's hard to think straight with a fever.

Update, April 22, 2010: Actually have an outer ear infection, so as soon as the meds start working, I start sewing!

P.S. Happy Earth Day.

Monday, April 12

Next Step

Major portion done!

On to the sleeves next.


After Tahoe, my grandmother past away, so sewing has been on the back burner, a bit forgotten. I have done some cacti for a friend, (see below,) and have just started back up on my spring blouse.

Right now, I am cutting class (band rehearsal) because of some throat sickness, hopefully not anything worse than laryngitis. As soon as the little one is in bed: Let the sewing begin!

Nick is also learning about creating, but in a different capacity. He is planting seeds with his Daddy. Check out his progress here.