Sunday, April 25

Vintage Fabric

I am so very excited! I helped my mom and dad clean out their garage a few weekends ago. I've had my eye on my mom's old stash of fabric for awhile. Though I've never come out and asked, I've secretly hoped that she would give it to me.

Lo and behold, she did! It is all very dusty and smelly and waiting to be something fabulous. (To the right is an old comforter I believe belonged to my older sister.) Because my poor washer and dryer are in storage until we get another apartment with hookups, I will only be washing it as I need it. All the moths have been sha
ken out and the stash sits in a safer place now, waiting and dreaming of being something spectacular: little girls dresses; a woman's blouse, a purse.

It's not all beautiful. I took pictures of most of it to show the range of my new found treasures. this looks like a fun Japanese jersey knit fabric.

These are polyester, red with blue and white and than an orange that looks more like a table clothe.

I can't remember the name of this fabric, but it will make very adorable summer dresses. I believe that was my mother's intentions.

I don't make doll clothes, but maybe someone else will want these patterns.

I think these are a polyester blend. A couple of blouses are in order!

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