Wednesday, July 20

Hand Towel

Our bathroom is a hodgepodge of decor. We used to have frogs for the 'adult' bathroom, but now we share one with the kid.
So, we have stars and butterflies and Lightning McQueen.

We don't have a place for our hand towel to be near the sink, so it is actually behind you while you're washing. I thought this cute sign would help visitors know where to go to dry their hands:

I made the red one last year, hoping to inspire myself to be a better person. Analysis: not working; I'm still me.

Any thoughts? Is it a stupid idea to have a sign for the 'hand' towel? Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 13

Bathroom Organizing

I've tried. I've tried to get the bathroom under control. It's only shared with three people. We can do this!

This is the medicine cabinet with shelves that are not strong enough so everything is clustered in the corners.
Reorganize. Presto. Change-o.
And this is the inside of the door. I love magnets!

The dollar store had these little bins to hang in lockers. I think I want two more small ones instead of the one big one, though.

Tuesday, July 12


A friend posted this article about curls and it reminded me of my own battle as the only one in the family with curls. I remember my little sister, with her long straight hair, asking me advise on what to do with her style for the day. YEAH RIGHT! I could barely do my own let alone grab a curling iron and help the lass!

So, a blast from the past: Me and my battle with the curls. In the above picture, I'm on the bottom 2 from the left, withe the frizzy fro.

I'm on the left, with my sisters and Grandma who all used a curling iron. I remember thinking it was a good hair day, not so much humidity, no frizz! (the glasses really make the picture!)

My boyfriend-now-husband and I. I loved my hair long but pulled away from my face. Those curls were so wispy that they tickled the nose and eyes if let loose!

This is me, my now 16 yr. old nephew and my college roommate. She used a curling iron.
Our hair was completely opposite. When mine gets wet it gets more curly. When hers gets wet it looses all curl and body!

This was last summer. I've cut my hair since this picture, but this is when I started to love my curls and take care of them a little. I haven't straitened my hair in 5 months!

I searched for a recent picture of me, but it's summer and I've been putting my hair up, so this is the best I could do: Fourth of July, 2011.

Embrace those curls!!
Note: I hadn't realize how much my curls have relaxed this last year as I'm getting older. Those white and gray hairs are a different texture!

Wednesday, July 6

How do I bear it?

The Gypsy Mamma almost always makes me cry! She asked a rhetorical question that I just had to respond to. You have to read her post to get the idea of what she is truly asking.

Here is my boy, 6 this summer, swimming like a fish and growing up way to fast!

How do I bear it?! Can’t really! I know the love that wells in my heart at each smile, each new word that is read, (my son is also 6!) each new song of praise that he learns… and I think of HOW MUCH MORE our Father loves us! How can HE bear it!? How can he let us hurt? How can he let us make wrong choices? But I know the answer because it is the same reasons that I let my own son mess up as he tries something new. When he succeeds, the joy for both of us is far greater than if I’d done it for him AND the glory goes to God and not to me! How do I bear it when I think my heart cannot be any more proud of him or fearful for his future or cautious of his steps? How do I bear it?

I find that, as a mother, my heart opens more than I EVER thought it could! It cries more for joy than I ever thought humanly possible. And it cries in a pain so deep that I sometimes think I can’t find my way out.

Friday, July 1

VBS Shirt

My son wanted his name on his shirt like mine, but I had to wait until the last day, knowing the other kids would be jealous.

Most of the kids loved the colors we added and asked their parents if they could color their own shirts when they got home, so that was fun for my son to be a celebrity for a day!
I used this site,, to look at different types of graffiti and did my best to free hand it in pen, then used paint pens to trace over what I had already written. I think it looks good, what about you?

(slight problem:red is a gang color out here, so it's hard to want to wear this w/o thinking of getting shot.)