Wednesday, July 6

How do I bear it?

The Gypsy Mamma almost always makes me cry! She asked a rhetorical question that I just had to respond to. You have to read her post to get the idea of what she is truly asking.

Here is my boy, 6 this summer, swimming like a fish and growing up way to fast!

How do I bear it?! Can’t really! I know the love that wells in my heart at each smile, each new word that is read, (my son is also 6!) each new song of praise that he learns… and I think of HOW MUCH MORE our Father loves us! How can HE bear it!? How can he let us hurt? How can he let us make wrong choices? But I know the answer because it is the same reasons that I let my own son mess up as he tries something new. When he succeeds, the joy for both of us is far greater than if I’d done it for him AND the glory goes to God and not to me! How do I bear it when I think my heart cannot be any more proud of him or fearful for his future or cautious of his steps? How do I bear it?

I find that, as a mother, my heart opens more than I EVER thought it could! It cries more for joy than I ever thought humanly possible. And it cries in a pain so deep that I sometimes think I can’t find my way out.

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