Tuesday, June 28

Camping Chairs

These chairs are so amazing! So simple to make!! The kids used them for everything from sitting around the fire to playing games.
They were adorable!

I learned two things on this trip:
1. use sturdier fabric. this stretched and started to tear.
2. don't let a 12 year old sit on them. not made for him!

Wednesday, June 22

Camping Trip

Our camping trip planning is underway. We leave soon!
So, I made camp chairs for the four little kiddos using this amazing tutorial here!

Also tried out these water bottle slings here and here, but I will be making my own adjustments for the next one.

Last, but not least, though probably the easiest, was putting a hood onto this towel. I found the tute through a link party and when I find the exact tutorial, I will link it up here.

Monday, June 20


My VBS shirt.
My first grade team decided to do our names in graffiti art on the back of the shirts.
I did my own.
I think it turned out okay! What do you think!?
My son's shirt turned out okay, too! Check it here.

Sunday, June 19

Summer Hoodie

Short sleeved hoodie = order filled. Son wanted a hoodie that he could wear during the summer. Thank you to "I Am Momma. Hear Me Roar!"

Wednesday, June 15

Spiderman Shirt 2

My niece LOVES Spiderman so, without further ado...

From a long sleeved boys shirt:

To scraps:

To a cute girly t-shirt:

With elastic:
I did make a red one also,
but I didn't have the elastic thread and it turned out to be too big for her.

Monday, June 6

New Blog Party

What a fun way to promote a product or your whole shop!
Thanks Nap Time Crafters!!!!

And this is the next project for the boy: Car seat strap covers.

Sunday, June 5

Nieces Birthday Gift

My niece turns 8 soon. I cannot believe it!
She is a little helper and loves all things princess.

I found this blouse at Goodwill and knew that I had the perfect material at home to make a matching skirt. The material is from my mother, who bought it to make dresses for my sisters and me when we were young. Totally vintage!! Totally matching the flower on the blouse!

The skirt:

The label:

The mini dress to match her build-a-bear:
After seeing what she got for her birthday, I could have gone with ruffles and lace, but this outfit is a bit more sophisticated, I guess! She liked it! I used this tutorial here from Dana.

Friday, June 3

Game Storage

Cards, dice, Fargle, flash cards, Skip Bo.
We don't have a drawer for them, so I have been storing them in this shoe box.
My sons favorite color is green, so he chose this gingham
paper. I think it turned out great!
I mod podged it on and hand wrote "Games"
so now it is labeled and stylish! Thanks for looking.
Can you tell we have a young one in the house!? Where are the adult games? We use the poker chips for practicing counting, honest.

THEE Dino Bash!

My son and his friends had so much fun dressing up as dinosaurs and running around the park! I couldn't get them to stand still long enough to get a shot, beside the fact that I was in charge of everyone, so I couldn't be in charge of the camera. But, I have a few photos to share.

I had pink and turquoise ones too:

I got a couple of tails in action:
Dino callers:

Cupcake toppers:
Dino Decorations:
(oh wait, those got put in the garage, picture will be added later.)

We also had dinosaurs in eggs, (balloons,) that the kids popped after they went on a pretend dino-hunt. I sat them down and did "I'm going on a lion hunt," but said 'dino' instead of lion. The kids had a blast. We pretended that they found the eggs on the hunt and 'popped' them open to find a small dino inside!

The rest of the party was on the playground and in the water because we were at a sprinkler park. We all had a blast despite the fact that it was raining at 1:50 and the party started at 2:00. It was sunny skies at 2:10!

Thursday, June 2

Chore Chart Complete

I will post about the 6 year old's birthday party soon...
In the mean time...
My chore chart is finally done! I already had this magnetic white board so I didn't need to purchase that and the weekly planner was a gift.

I bought the wooden circles at Michael's for $3 and the Mod Podge for $3. The hearts and stars were maybe 25¢ each. I always have scrap booking supplies on hand, so no more cost there.

The stars are for special things, like helping with dinner or shopping.
The hearts are for special occasions, like learning a new chore, doing something specific by himself, or practicing an instrument, really anything special.

Everything is magnetic, so it can be moved around and rearranged in whatever way suits my fancy! And I do like to rearrange a lot, as my husband will attest to.
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