Sunday, June 5

Nieces Birthday Gift

My niece turns 8 soon. I cannot believe it!
She is a little helper and loves all things princess.

I found this blouse at Goodwill and knew that I had the perfect material at home to make a matching skirt. The material is from my mother, who bought it to make dresses for my sisters and me when we were young. Totally vintage!! Totally matching the flower on the blouse!

The skirt:

The label:

The mini dress to match her build-a-bear:
After seeing what she got for her birthday, I could have gone with ruffles and lace, but this outfit is a bit more sophisticated, I guess! She liked it! I used this tutorial here from Dana.


  1. So pretty! I love the colors too!

  2. Very Cute!

    Have a great week!

  3. really great! thanks for the link i too have a skirt to make this week!!

  4. I love that you used up some 'vintage' fabric for this. My eight-year old would love it too!