Thursday, June 2

Chore Chart Complete

I will post about the 6 year old's birthday party soon...
In the mean time...
My chore chart is finally done! I already had this magnetic white board so I didn't need to purchase that and the weekly planner was a gift.

I bought the wooden circles at Michael's for $3 and the Mod Podge for $3. The hearts and stars were maybe 25¢ each. I always have scrap booking supplies on hand, so no more cost there.

The stars are for special things, like helping with dinner or shopping.
The hearts are for special occasions, like learning a new chore, doing something specific by himself, or practicing an instrument, really anything special.

Everything is magnetic, so it can be moved around and rearranged in whatever way suits my fancy! And I do like to rearrange a lot, as my husband will attest to.
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  1. I love that "Mom & Dad" have a to-do list, too! My 18-mo-old isn't quite old enough for chores, but I definitely need a chore chart for "mom"!!!

  2. so darling...i love this idea:) also love that mom and dad have a spot too!!!! great job:)