Sunday, May 22

Coming up... Dino Bash

My son is having a Dino Bash this next weekend. The only thing I have done is delivery of the invitations out on time! So, this week, it’s time to rumble!

First order of business, Dino decorations from here and here:

Then, we are going on a dino hunt, so we need something to attract those creatures: Dino Callers, and some binnoculars to see if they are hiding!

Next order of business: a shirt for the birthday boy!

And we need some LIVE dinosaurs to liven up the party:

All of these things, and more, will consume my week,
but it will be so worth it to see his face and his friends faces this Saturday!
I’ll post as I finish things up!

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  1. Beth thank you for the sweet comments on my blog about my fathers day scrapbook. You are so sweet, and you have such a cute blog!!!