Friday, December 31

Coloring Fabric

Hubby got me these Crayola Fabric Crayons for Christmas. They are interesting, for lack of a better word. You can use any paper to draw a picture, making sure to write words backwards. Then, you can iron onto any shirt, (so far I have only used cotton or cotton blends).

I have enjoyed designing these two shirts with my niece and my son. My niece drew one flower on paper with markers. I proceeded to trace her flower with my crayons. I just couldn't let her touch the crayons and possibly brake them. She is not full of grace, though she is the most helpful little girl you could find! My son wanted a monster with teeth to wear to the dentist on his first visit next week.

Thursday, December 30


Cousins can be so exhilarating to be around. Then 5 minutes later, all the kids need a time out! I think it is the anticipation of a perfect day. This day below was a day at Dell'Osso Family Farm for the petting zoo and the little bit of snow. To a 5 year old without siblings, spending time with cousins is an opportunity to have a brother or sister for a day. But just like a brother or a sister, cousins get under the skin. They argue, they bully, they get tired of each other. They kiss, they hug, they laugh and pretend.
The minute they are parted from one another, the asking begins of when will they been seen next, "how many days, oh how I miss them both!"

I love that we live so close to a bit of our extended family. I spent summers with my cousins and have fond memories of growing up without parental supervision! I hope my son has fun times and memories with his cousins, though there is a lot more supervision for this next generation!

Sunday, December 19

Baby Jesus

My mother-in-law has 30 baby Jesus' in her house this year. I think that is pretty amazing! Talking with my 5 year old, we all decided that that makes HIM a very special baby.

That gave me an idea for birthday decorations! I want to display pictures from the last five years of our son growing up. I found this great idea from a blog and now I can't find the blog, so I hope I can do the idea justice:

Enlarge a dozen or so photos to 8x10. Hang them from a string from the ceiling, maybe 2 or three pictures vertically down the string. Place them all around the room, so that you have to walk around them to get anywhere. They will twist with the air flow in the room, but that will add to the awe of the moment when you first walk in.

I think that would be a neat celebration of our son's life!

In the mean time:
Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!

Wednesday, December 15

Christmas is Coming

(Since my family doesn't read my blog, I will post Christmas presents early!)

I am working on these neck-bone-pillows for all the grown-up girls in my family. 8 to be exact. I've finished 3, so 5 more to stuff.

I am also working on a present for my nephew. The cousins draw names every year so us Moms can buy one really cool gift instead of 8 little crappy ones. I am making a book hanger for him to go next to his bed because he is on the bottom bunk and doesn't have a place to put current reading material. This picture is from this blog and where I got the original idea. Now, there are tons of pictures on line if you need inspiration!

Tuesday, December 14

Popcorn Garland

It was fun to eat more popcorn than actually what got put on the tree. What a fun project! I think I've done this one other time in my life. Put on a Christmas movie and enjoy time together! My son and I were eating and laughing and eating some more...

Monday, December 6


I am now behind my sewing schedule. I have had fabric cut and ready to sew for about 3 months. Things like procrastination, depression and disorganization have kept me from sewing.

Now that there are 3 weeks until Christmas, I am starting to put it all together. As my father would say: "If it weren't for deadlines, nothing would get started!"

Saturday, December 4

It's Here

Well, the Christmas tree is almost up. I know it should be, but a lot has been on my mind. We had to install a new dishwasher; file yucky court papers; work out behavior issues at my son's school.
So, at least the tree is at the house and there are no more excuses to delay the unpacking of Christmas ornaments and other decorations!

AND: the Christmas presents no store can sell me...
1. an empty laundry basket, one that has been filled to overflowing and now stands empty because the laundry is all caught up.
2. a sign that reads 'Peace' that means my heart is at rest in the Lord; that my mind is at ease with His care.
3. a wooden cross where Jesus used to be, but is now alive and well!
4. clothes of righteousness and peace and gentleness and faith and love!

Tuesday, November 30

Christmas Questions

(found this post from 'night owl crafting' and wanted to answer her questions!)
This week's questions all relate to Christmas!

Here are this week's questions!

1. Do you like to listen to Christmas music? Yes, I sing Frosty the Snowman all year!
2. Are you one of those people who get all their shopping done early, or do you do most of it in December? I am done before December 1st. Sometimes I have one more thing to buy.
3. Do you set a budget on how much you spend on each person? I try to.
4. Do you send out Christmas cards? Rarely.
5. Do you enjoy this holiday season or does it stress you out? I usually enjoy it, but being unemployed really sucks. On that note, this year will be more about heart and thought and less about "things."

Monday, November 29

Treasure Box

I found this box in my parents garage. I believe it was one of those that advertised on TV. You would get a few cards each month to put inside, to add to your collection. This one was for endangered animal facts.

Now it is a treasure box for the boy... Before


Thursday, November 18

Cat Hats

Cat Hats made to amuse Aunt Becky who was not amused. I still laugh every time I think about it.

Elizabeth loves pretending to be a cat, so while Aunt Becky was at work, I made a few cat hats. The kids sneaked downstairs and when Aunt Becky looked up they started meowing. FUNNY! Come on, Aunt Becky, it was comical!

Nick was never seen far from Bogie. A dog and his boy. I mean a boy and his dog.

Tuesday, November 16

Smiling Faces

How can you not love these faces!?!?
Getting way to big to be my baby boy!"Take my picture, Aunt Beth!""Don't get me!"Story time on the new bed!



Friday, November 5


From Gypsy Momma's comments:

{I still remember the advice a much older mama of boys gave to me when my oldest was just a toddler, his brother a baby in my arms. We, new mamas of littles, were listening as she explained the secret of raising teenage boys who were connected, who listened, who were respectful, who TALKED to their parents. She said that the key was very simple: “You must listen to them well when they are young, and then they will think it natural to talk to you when they are older.”}

My, how I hope this will be true for my son! This was a picture of the sky yesterday. A few moments before I got my camera out, it truly looked like fingers and reminded me of God's hand. As my son struggles with his attitude during class time, I hope he will talk to me soon. Ultimately, though, I am not there and I have to trust him to God's hand.


I found these wooden bowls at Goodwill and thought they would make perfect "catch alls."

I painted them black and then added some color to the center.

All they need now is a top coat.

I think they turned out rather cute and will be super handy by the front door!

Early Christmas present to myself!

Tamron Lens Giveaway

Oh my goodness! Goodness all around! I want this lens!
Seven bloggers have reviewed this Tamron lens and have given us, the little people in blogger land, a chance to win one of seven lenses! Amazing!

I have commented on this blog here, keeping my fingers crossed that I might win! Wow! Wish I could afford one if I don't win!

Wednesday, November 3

Vote Elephony

I have successfully entered this burdastyle contest! I am so excited to have my elephant viewed by hundreds! You have to be a member, but please vote if you are! There are some great costumes from this year.

Tuesday, November 2

Halloween Roundup

These are the other three Halloween costumes that I put together this year. (See the fourth one for my hubby right here.)

One ghost.

One flower. (grab my tutorial here!)

One elephant. (Who lives far away. :(
All very different and fun!

Sunday, October 31

Fourth and Final

The fourth and final costume of 2010 is completed! (is the picture wonky to you!?)I made the shirt, the vest and the bell-bottoms. The fro, the necklace and the glasses were bought. Lesson learned: DO NOT GO to the Halloween store three days before Halloween right after dinner. Everyone else is going to be there, too.

Friday, October 29

Almost Done

A hint of the final costume. Can you guess what it will be? It's pretty much done, just needs some final touch ups and my husband is still debating an add-on.

Tuesday, October 26

Yet Another

And I will try again! Another contest
BurdaStyle is hosting a costume contest. I have not decided which costume to enter yet, or if I can enter all four that I have done this year, maybe I'll do that!

I also just posted my tutorial on Hoping for a few more hits than my blog got!

Thursday, October 21


I have yet to win a giveaway, but it is so fun to see what is out there! I'm already thinking about what picture to use for this giveaway from PosterBrain. I have an awesome pic of my son from last year that Gramma wants enlarged... hmm....

I had to put in to win this cupcake matching game! My niece would flip out if she could have this! Her aspiration for the future: to be a cupcake maker when she grows up. She would share with all of her friends!

Wednesday, October 20

Freely, Freely

Inspiration: "Can You Drink the Cup?" by Henri Nowen
Poem© by Beth Davis

Freely, freely, let the tears flow.
Let those gathered around hear your sorrows and woes.
Freely, freely, let your joys out.
Let the dry ground be wet all about.

Be grateful for all that your life has seen,
for all that has led you to this moment in time;
the sorrows, the laughter, the people who shared
their sorrow with you to show that they cared.

Freely, freely, let the tears flow.
Cry with others so that others may know.
Freely, freely, let your joys out.
Cry with other so that others may shout.

Let them know you are there sharing joys and gain.
Let them know that you care in the midst of their rain.,

Freely, freely, let the tears flow.
Share with each other so others may grow.
Freely, freely, let your joys out.
"To life," (to toast) we must have others about.

Let the ground be wet with tears of joy.
Remember that others have come before you and shared their sorrow so you are not alone.
Let the ground be wet with tears of sorrow as we carry each others burdens.

Sometimes I want to be alone, retreat. Though alone time is not bad, it is not forever. To truly live, we must have each other. To toast, to share life, we must have others about. You can't have a toast alone.

Sunday, October 17

Flower Girl

Tutorial for Flower Girl Halloween Costume
Disclaimer: I AM NOT A PERFECTIONIST! My lines are not perfect and that's okay with me. It will be worn a few times and then be outgrown. I'm about simple and getting it done fast. If I were a perfectionist, I would get nothing done because I can't do anything perfectly!

Note: DO NOT COPY this tutorial without permission.
(I made this for my niece, but she was unavailable for modeling, so my son dawned the crown for just one shot!)

Supplies: thread, felt, pipe cleaners, head band, craft glue, green t-shirt, scissors, sewing machine, green felt and pink felt, (added later: wire cutters)
I made my own petal pattern piece and a leaf to use. I folded the pink felt sheets into thirds and cut out three petals at a time. For the green, I had a huge sheet of felt and folded it into fourths to cut. I ended up with 24 petals and 10 leaves. I only used 19 petals in the end.
Put a line of glue vertically down the center of one petal, lay the pipe cleaner onto glue. I added a little glue down the pipe cleaner and put a second petal on top of that.
Eight petals done! Once the glue set some, I zig-zag stitched around the edges of each petal. I was surprised to see that my needle went right over the pipe cleaners, no problem, just go slow!
Lay out the petals so that they look nice on the headband. I did four in front and four in back. Then I wound the pipe cleaners, one at a time, around the head band. Use wire cutters to trim the extra pipe cleaner.
I wrapped around twice and made sure that the end of the pipe cleaners ended up on top so as not to hurt anyone's scalp. Done!
Lay out your leaves and petals. Decide how you want them to look on the shirt.This is the pattern I decided on: five leaves each for the front and the back.
Next, pin the leaves in the pattern that you have chosen. I pinned along the top and the bottom just to hold them in place. Sew a horizontal line across each leaf at the top.
Then sew a vertical line, starting at the top, down to the center of each leaf. DO NOT sew the front and back of the shirt together. Be slow and careful.
After the leaves are sewn on, put the petals on top of the leaves in your chosen pattern, pin and sew in place. I used a zig-zag stitch here because it is on the neck line and needs to be stretchy to fit over the head.And the final product: I added to the sleeves for a rose bud affect. It was a bit tricky and I did not add that to the directions. I also bought a short sleeved shirt and had to add the long part of the sleeve. I used this tutorial for the sleeves so didn't think I needed to make that part of this post.

Authors note (added 10/25/10): the headband was a bit too heavy for my tiny seven year old niece, so I took off two petals, one from each end and that worked out great for her!

Note: DO NOT COPY this tutorial without permission.

Friday, October 15

The End of the Elephant Story

Okay, it's done! I finally got the ears to stay up on this silly elephant. I couldn't get my son to wear it for more than 3 seconds at a time. But no problem! It is on it's way to San Diego for my niece!I was inspired to make this costume because my mom made me one when I was in 2nd grade. My niece really wanted to be an elephant for Halloween and I knew I could do it.

AHHH!! It was easy until I got to the trunk. Then that was okay but the ears would not stand up or stick out. They looked more like mouse ears when they hung so low. But, at last, I think I got it! A little cotton, a wire hanger and some stitches later, they look like elephant ears!

My mom made my outfit for me (no pics.)to recite this poem by Laura Elizabeth Richards; 1850-1943:

Once there was an elephant,

Who tried to use the telephant—

No! no! I mean an elephone-

Who tried to use the telephone—

(Dear me! I am not certain quite

That even now I've got it right.)

Howe'er it was, he got his trunk

Entangled in the telephunk;

The more he tried to get it free,

The louder buzzed the telephee—

(I fear I'd better drop the song

Of elephop and telephong!)

Thursday, October 14

It's Done... Almost

The elephant costume is done! I was so dreading the trunk, but it has turned out to be the ears that are causing my angst. The toe nails are my favorite part, though.

My niece has seen a picture of her elephant and can't wait to get it in the mail.

My son had fun sticking his butt out and swishing the tail.

After I fix the ears, I will send it to San Diego ASAP!
Trick or Treat!

Tuesday, October 12

This Moment

It's a school night. All has been done to ready for the night: bath time, teeth brushed, pajamas on, stories told, back rubbed. Still, we are awake, my son and I, snuggled in my queen bed; no blankets on, just the two of us blanketing each other, his back up against my tummy, my arm wrapped around to his tummy.

In moments like these, I feel the guilt of a parent who wants to be perfect; who wants everything to be perfect. My son should be asleep because he has school tomorrow. For that matter, he should be asleep in his own bed! He should know how to fall asleep on his own, crawl up into his own bed and sooth himself to the place of dreams.
Then I free myself of the guilt and just enjoy the moment. This moment will not last forever; this moment will not want to happen as my son grows older and more independent. THIS MOMENT may be a last time. I savor it, those awake moments when my kindergartner should be sleeping; those awake moments when we are giggling or kissing each others noses or singing a song together.

These are the moments that I remember when I'm having a tough day. I remember that when I come home, even if all is chaos at first, we will settle down to snuggle and enjoy each other purely for the sake of each other. Not for homework time. Not for dinner. Not for racing or playing or remembering the flaws of the day. SIMPLY FOR THE SAKE OF EACH OTHER.
With that thought, I remember Jesus: Purely for the sake of YOU, of ME, did he die on that cross and spill his blood. Purely for the sake of YOU and ME did he raise from the dead and ascend to heaven to sit next to his father on the throne. Purely for the sake of YOU and ME.

Thursday, September 30

Box Car

Nick and I worked on this the other day. I think it turned out super cute! He wants to make another one today.

Very easy: cut a macaroni box to shape it like a vehicle. Cover in paint. I decided to use the cut-out pieces to fill in the whole so I just taped them on from the inside. We painted on the windows and stripes.

We used bottle lids that we had painted from our other art project. I glued glitter foam to the lids for the wheels. Nick wanted to add wings, so that is what's on top! I guess we will be making another one later today.