Friday, November 5


From Gypsy Momma's comments:

{I still remember the advice a much older mama of boys gave to me when my oldest was just a toddler, his brother a baby in my arms. We, new mamas of littles, were listening as she explained the secret of raising teenage boys who were connected, who listened, who were respectful, who TALKED to their parents. She said that the key was very simple: “You must listen to them well when they are young, and then they will think it natural to talk to you when they are older.”}

My, how I hope this will be true for my son! This was a picture of the sky yesterday. A few moments before I got my camera out, it truly looked like fingers and reminded me of God's hand. As my son struggles with his attitude during class time, I hope he will talk to me soon. Ultimately, though, I am not there and I have to trust him to God's hand.

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