Friday, November 21

"Car Accident" Incident

So, I'm at work. I walk up to the front counter to ask a mother if she needs anything because she's just looking around. She said no, but I asked her if I knew her. She said she didn't think so, but she gave me a little smirkish smile. I quickly excused myself to go make a phone call.

OMG! I went into my office to look up her students name along with the mom on my computer. She is the lady that I hit with my car!

I don't really care, it was my fault. She was just such a weirdo about the whole thing, though she probably thinks that about me. She was the one dancing out in front of traffic.

I was horrified when I realized this and relieved that, if she signs up for Sylvan, her daughter will not be under my direction!

I don't hope this of anyone, but I really don't want her to sign up. I have enough stress at work that I don't need crazy-lady to add to it. But in all fairness: I did hit her.

Thursday, November 20

Check It Out

Check out Nick's blog to read about his adventure. It really is a good thing that I did not see this happen.

Wednesday, November 12

Long time waiting...

So, I haven't posted in awhile. Make sure you check out the pictures of Nick. I just put up three or so posts. (Check Nick's blog, too. Different pictures.)
I don't know who does and doesn't know, but... I wrote a children's book. My goal is to find a publisher that is similar to the one that Cassie's husband used for his book, "Jesus for President." Then, I have to get them to LIKE my book and actually WANT to publish it. That's the tricky part. And I'm not set on a title yet, understanding that a title can make or break you.
On the name note:

Don't forget the "Poinsettias" baby! (If you get this inside joke, YOU ROCK! That should be about 3 people in the whole universe, including myself!)


Nick is so funny when he drinks soda! We don't give it to him very often, it's a treat for him. But it is soo funny!!

Silly Nick

My silly, willy, nilly, Nicky!
Check out Nick's Blog for more pics.