Tuesday, November 12

messenger bag flames

Finally done! This messenger bag has been in the works since September. When the little brother started teething, life became crazy.

I had a few minutes to attach the lining today and my son is thrilled!!

Check out the details! There is an interior pocket that is not pictured for putting his library card on the inside or some extra cash for those late fees too! Oops!

My son designed this! I just did the sewing! The strap is an old belt I got at a discount from goodwill because the buckle was smashed. Finally found the perfect project for it.

Saturday, November 9

litter box

Had to come up with a solution as this cat makes a mess missing the litter box!

You can see how disgusting the yellow box is on top. Eww!

I didn't have a sharp enough knife, but the cat is small and this is working beautifully. We just take the top off to clean it up.


Monday, November 4

Missing Home

A little homesick for California as we settle into our country life here in Mississippi.

I had this plain onsie that needed something so I just took a sharpie and wrote on it.