Monday, September 30

word of the week

I thought it would be fun to share part of our week with my Facebook family & friends.  I started posting our "word of the week" on FB and have gotten some great sentences to share with my son. He has to come up with his own first!

Since we moved half way across the country, it's also a way for family to connect with him!

At first, I wrote it for him, but a friend picked up on the idea and had her daughter write it out . She then took her picture, so I did that too!

We also make Daddy guess the word at dinner by being very obvious and silly. It helps my 3rd grader remember the meaning if we are goofy about it. I sometimes tell him what do say at the table, but he has it on his own the next day after our little game with Daddy! I love it!

Saturday, September 28

Math Project

Again, thank you pinterest!

We modified this game to be for multiplying. We are currently working on memorizing the 3 times tables.

Roll the dice. Multiply your roll x 3 as fast as you can. If you have to "figure it out," you don't get to move your person up. If you get it right, move your person the number of spaces that you rolled & draw those long legs!

My son had so much fun memorizing! And that boy competitiveness got to shine through in a positive way!

Friday, September 27

Art project

I am trying to do an art project every Friday. Something fun but that takes more than 5 minutes; something involved.

I was afraid this first one would be a flop, but my son got totally into it. Thank you pinterest!

His is the bottom one. I kinda got into it too! We tried not to paint the same color next to itself.

Then we used these pictures to decorate his school binder that has clear plastic for the front and back.  SUCCESS!

Saturday, September 14

Homeschooling: the beginning

Homeschooling has begun! We just finished week 3 and I am both excited & going crazy. My 8 year old has been inspired & agitating also. What a rollercoaster!!

Mostly, I feel like we aren't covering enough material, but we are able to go into such depth that he will remember the material much longer than breezing through it in public school.

We are committed for this school year but I do hope to work next year so we'll see.

Here is our first project together. We made a tree that we will add leaves to as he learns new concepts and reads more books.