Friday, February 25


From Gypsy Mama: On Fridays around these parts we have a little tradition. We throw caution (editing, revising, and worrying) to the winds and just write.

For five minutes flat.

Topic: Five Years Ago
Five years ago I didn't think I would ever miss that newborn stage of having a baby. See, I'm not a baby person. Holding an infant that can't keep it's head up has never been my forte. Wanting a baby that will need you for EVERYTHING was not on my to-do list. I wanted a child, but not the baby part.

Five years ago, my son was 6 months old and I was in awe as I watched him play and sleep and learn language and learn to eat. But somehow I missed those early days when he needed me more. I mean, I looked forward to when he didn't need me to help him eat or potty etc. But there is something sweet and magical about watching a baby breath; watching him recognize you; watching him smile or laugh for the first time. MAGICAL!

I am so proud of the boy my son is right now, but sometimes, occasionally, very rarely, i miss those first months of being parents for the first time. The craziness, the no sleep, not sure that I want to relive that. But then again, those baby toes that don't stink yet! That toothless grin and baby gurgle noise.


That is fun! You should try it too! Makes me want to keep going!

Tuesday, February 22

Last Summer Lunch Tote

I made a lunch bag out of a pillow case using this tutorial here. I love how it turned out!
The drawstring part was a bit tricky and I have since found a tutorial that is a little bit more clear.
I quilted the inside, but retrospectively think that is silly since no one really sees the inside. It looks great though!

Sunday, February 20


I have this old comforter from my parents garage that I have been holding on to, waiting for the perfect project to come along. I even googled something about comforters and recycling, but all the sights recommended giving the comforter away, to continue being used as a comforter.

I found this site and was inspired by her fabric choice, maybe because it is so similar to my old comforter. I know how to make a messenger bag, so I don't need the tute, but it is always fun to see how others accomplish the same idea as you.
So, after Celebrate the Boy month is over, I will be making me some messenger bags, for family or for friends or for to sell! Not sure yet!

Thursday, February 17

New Blog to Read

I found this new blog to read today. She is giving away two fabric bundles, yea! Click below for details.

I love her "Bee in Love" pillow. Absolutely adorable. And if you keep going through her flicker pictures, you will see that she is a talented lady.

Tuesday, February 15

Hat for Tinker Bell

This is Tinker Bell the Hello Kitty Build a Bear. I love it!

My niece is sweet and creative and helpful. She wanted a hat for Tinker Bell so Aunt Beth had to deliver! It was so simple, seriously!

I just draped a piece of fabric over her head, traced her head and cut it out. sewed up the seams, made an outer fabric, made some bias tape using this tutorial, sewed it together and there you go! A reversible hat with flowers: just what the niece ordered!(The flowers DO NOT go with the Halloween dress that I bought her, but it should go with some of her other clothes.)

Monday, February 14

Lots of Love (Bugs)

The bugs are mostly done! (2 more to finish as of 4am.) I used this tutorial here.
Here are some pics because I couldn't wait.

(This little guy is my favorite!)

Saturday, February 12

One Love Bug

I had to make these Love Bugs from taidye. They are just so adorable. This is my first one, and he's a bit wonky, but I like him and he will be loved!
I call this a "Genius Moment," where I decide to take on a huge project. But there's more than JUST the project itself that makes this so special. In fact, there are many factors involved for this to truly be a "Genius Moment." For example:

  • It is a big project. I'm making 32 total of these bugs.
  • I've convinced myself that everyone will love it.
  • I only have two days to complete ALL of them.
  • I DIDN'T EVEN THINK about it until three days ago. AND...
  • I really am going to do it!
Now, on to make the next 31 bugs to hand out to my sons class on Monday morning.

Friday, February 11

It's here!

Oh my, oh my! I am so excited for "Celebrate the Boy" month, hosted by Dana from Made and Made-by-Rae.

I have some ideas up my sleeve that I hope make it to the front; that is, if I can get them completed! So superdy-duperdy excited, as my 5 year old would say!!!!

Wednesday, February 9

More shots of the Suspenders

The original suspenders post is two posts down or you can click here.

I finally got a few photos of my son IN the shirt! I know that is always a plus. He actually hammed it up for me this time. Usually I get grunts and moans and "Are you done, yet?"The ribbon puckered a bit, or I think I pulled the shirt too much. Either way, they are still cute and I will use iron on stuff next time to keep the ribbon in place while I stitch. Back view:

Tuesday, February 8


Valentine advertising seems focused on the flowers and the jewelry for the women; stuffed animals and candy for the kids; chocolate for the "I'm sorry." But what about the guy!? What do I get my guy that will last? New boxers? A bottle of wine?

A few years back, I put together this mini album for my guy. He was feeling blue (about who remembers what) and I wanted to remind him that he was still MY GUY!

Mini album was from the dollar store, 6x6, now my favorite size. Big enough to see, small enough to be done relatively quickly.

Here are some shots of a few of the pages I did up. Enjoy!
Below, was the day we found out we were pregnant! Oh, the memories!
I thought up different adjectives and put it all in my own writing for that personal touch, like a love letter!

I didn't put them in any order, I just put them in! We've been together since 1998. Where has the time gone? This is the first picture taken of us as a couple. We hooked up July 4th, 1998!This shot is from our wedding invitations that my husband actually made for us!

I ended with our professional wedding shot (not shown) and on the back cover, this:

Tuesday, February 1


I was inspired by some vintage, retro looking, painted shirts. I remembered that I had these thick, rainbow shoelaces.
There was a little puckering of the ribbon/shoelace, but I love how they turned out. Even crossed the back like real suspenders would be! A size 5 undershirt turned into a fun top.

I will be posting to this group. Thanks for the inspiration!

And here as well:
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