Tuesday, February 1


I was inspired by some vintage, retro looking, painted shirts. I remembered that I had these thick, rainbow shoelaces.
There was a little puckering of the ribbon/shoelace, but I love how they turned out. Even crossed the back like real suspenders would be! A size 5 undershirt turned into a fun top.

I will be posting to this group. Thanks for the inspiration!

And here as well:
SYS Thurs


  1. they're so cute! i'd love to see some more photos of them on!
    thanks so much for all your kind comments over at my blog! :)

  2. That's so cute! I used to love wearing suspenders!
    Thanks for stopping by Sand to Pearl, I didn't use a tutorial for the diapers, I had bought a patten a few years ago, which I changed, and changed again, until I found what I like best, I think I'll be posting a tute soon, since people are interested in it.

  3. I made a new post with pics of the kid in his new shirt! Thanks for stopping by.